What is the point of money clips when we have wallets?

What is the point of money clips when we have wallets?

Wallets are already a convenient and efficient way of storing cash, cards and receipts etcetera. Why would anyone want to go and get a money clip instead?

The answer to this question is not that difficult. It simply requires one to look at the benefits and advantages that metal money clips have over traditional wallets. In order to do that, you could go and do some research on the internet. That is probably what you have already done and that is probably how you have found your way here.

Well, you’re in the right place. In this post, we are looking at some of the reasons why metal money clips are worth acquiring and being preferred over wallets.

They are easily accessible

Coming to the first point, we have accessibility. If you are faced with a situation where you have to show an ID quickly or whip out some cash, a wallet could be a tad bit cumbersome to deal with. Firstly, you will have to extract it. That alone could be quite a job if you are in the habit of keeping it in an inner pocket or a backpack. Then, you will have to dig around in the inner compartments and pockets to get what you are looking for.

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But with clips, it’s a lot easier. It is just a slim piece of metal and it takes about a quarter of the space a wallet would. You can simply slide it out of your front pocket without much hassle and trouble. Then, by unclipping your bills, you can take out whatever you need and put the rest back in place.

In essence, they provide ease of access and are far less incommodious.

Size depends on stored contents

If you are keeping a wallet with you, you will know that there is a certain size below which it cannot be reduced to. That means, even if it is completely empty, it will have a bulky body due to the many compartments, pockets, and general material using which it is made up.

However, a clip has an inherently small size. If you have nothing stored in it, it will be slim and sleek and will be around the size of the metallic bracket of a seat belt fastener.

If you just have some bills in your clip, you can fold them up neatly and the volume of the overall thing will be minimized. You can carry it in the front pocket of your shirt, bag, or hand-carry, etc. This you cannot do with a full-sized wallet.

Isolating cash from cards

Another reason why people may opt to use money clips is when they need to separate their cash from their cards. For example, if someone has decided to use a cardholder for carrying their bank cards, IDs and passes etcetera, they will need a separate place to put their cash. While some cardholders can come with a clip for holding cash, the capacity is usually topped at 5-10 bills. Take the Trayvax Original 2.0 tactical wallet for example. Although categorized as a front pocket wallet (and not a cardholder), the Original 2.0 gives you the option of storing up to 15 cards while the maximum bill capacity is 5 bills.

Hence, if someone needs to carry more than that, they can buy a clip instead and keep their cards and bills separately.

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Harder for pickpockets to steal

A money clip, thanks to the small size, can be stowed away in smaller pockets. If you are wearing a jacket, you can put it in the inner pocket and make it difficult for pickpockets to get away with it. Similarly, if you are wearing a sweater, you can place it in the breast pocket of your shirt underneath.

You cannot, however, do this with wallets. A bi fold billfold will necessarily have to be placed in an outer pocket due to its size and bulk.


Money clips are good alternatives to traditional wallets thanks to their compact size and easy accessibility. While a clip won\'t hold as much stuff as a wallet would, it can be perfect for people who just need to carry around a few cards and some cash.

Furthermore, they are harder for pickpockets to steal. This is due to the fact that, unlike a bi fold pocketbook, clips can be stored away in smaller spaces such as inner pockets.

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