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What are the best, most important features for men’s wallets?

What are the best, most important features for men’s wallets?

Choosing the right wallet can be tricky – especially if you don’t know what features and qualities to look for. For someone who lacks expertise and insight in this matter, the deciding factor on any product can be just the looks. And if you do happen to take your pick based on just the appearance, you could possibly suffer from your decision afterward.

Hence, there is a need to learn about the best and most important features that should exist in a wallet. This is regardless of whether the item in question is a bi fold wallet for men or a metal front pocket wallet. These features are some universal indicators that you can keep an eye out for in order to make sure your choice is the right one.

#1: Sufficient Card Slots

Nowadays, an average person has to carry around quite a lot of cards. These can include IDs, driver\'s licenses, bus passes, a bank card or two, and so on. According to some sources, a single average American carries 2-4 credit cards on their person.

Therefore, the first feature that you should see is the number of card slots. Preferably, you should go for something that has 8-9 card pockets. That is if you want to carry around all your cards with you at once. Some people may, while possessing a large number, choose to carry around just a couple with them at one time. If you are someone in this category, then the standard 2-4 slots should be enough for you.

#2: RFID Protection

There is quite a hullabaloo about RFID these days. The essence of the matter is that it is based on remote and long-distance communication. In order to send and receive information, an RFID-based system does not require the involved elements to physically touch or have contact. Due to this remote functionality, cards that are RFID-enabled can be targeted by hackers. And in order to prevent the perpetration of any such malicious action, RFID blocking wallets or sleeves are used.

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If you are in possession of RFID-enabled cards, be sure to check if the product you are looking to buy has the blocking feature or not. Leather and metal ones that are made using thick material are usually the kind that offers this feature.

#3: Coin/Key Pocket

You may have seen this gimmick in the old-fashioned bi folds. These types of pockets are usually found opposite to the card slots when the flaps are opened.

You should look out for this feature if you are in the habit of carrying around keys or loose change. If you use cards for making purchases, you most likely are not very familiar with the idea of carrying around coins. But if you are, then you would know that keeping coins in a separate pocket or section is much more convenient than leaving them banging around in the pocket.

#4: Money Clips/Bands/External pockets

Money clips and bands are usually found in slim billfolds or cardholders. They can also be found in bi folds, but it is less common.

Essentially, the purpose of these pockets is to allow you to store some bills on the outside so that you can take them out without having to dig around in the inner area. Slim wallets, such as the Trayvax Original 2.0, can come with a money clip for storing cash while the main space can be used for cards.

#5: Build Quality

You should pay attention to this feature whether you are browsing through metal men wallets or leather ones. If you are looking at something in the former category, you want to make sure that the metal used is strong and durable. It won’t be very pleasant if your wallet got warped out of shape under pressure.

Similarly, if you are buying a leather product, you should check and confirm the genuineness of the material. Actual leather will give you a nice and long experience while cheaper material will get worn and torn pretty quickly.


If you are going wallet-shopping soon, be sure to check the features mentioned in this list. By setting a proper set of requirements, you will be able to search for a wallet that fulfills your needs efficiently. For example, you can decide whether or not you need RFID protection, a coin/key pocket, a money clip, and so on. By narrowing down your requirements, you will be able to choose from a filtered range of products, and not get distracted by items that are either of no use to you or are out of your buying capacity.

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