Men’s slim front pocket wallets with money clip

Men’s slim front pocket wallets with money clip

If you are looking to buy a slim wallet, be sure to get one that comes with an integrated money clip. Generally, these slim wallets are ideal for carrying around cards such as your IDs, passes and a bank card or two, etc. For people who usually use bank cards for their everyday shopping, these minimalistic wallets are the perfect solution. However, even if you are in this category, it is good to have some backup cash so that embarrassing situations at the check-out counter can be avoided.

While you could put a few bills in the same compartment where your cards go, having an integrated clip can be helpful in keeping everything neat and organized. Separate dedicated cash pockets also serve the same function.

Original 2.0

Arguably the best slim RFID-blocking wallet offered by the company, the Original 2.0 comes with an aesthetic appearance and robust construction. The front and back plates are made using aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel respectively and are held together by mil-spec paracord. This metallic beauty can store up to 15 cards along with 1-5 bills.

original men wallet rfid

Another reason why this tactical wallet is worth buying is the price tag. Starting from $34.99, the Original 2.0 is quite an affordable product that you can buy even if you are not looking to spend a lot.  The price varies a bit with the finishes. While the four simple colors viz. black, grey, OD green, and blue are priced at $34.99, the G10 version will cost you 10 more dollars and comes in with a price tag of $44.99.

On top of the spacious design and the slim profile, this compact product also offers RFID protection. If you are in the habit of carrying around RFID-enabled cards, this protection is a must as it can prevent hackers from getting access to your personal data.

Element Wallet

While the Original 2.0 is a great option for people looking for a metallic option, the Trayvax Element is more of a classier and luxurious choice. The Element is made to quench the thirst of metal enthusiasts and leather connoisseurs alike. Made using top-grain oil-tanned leather and featuring a stainless steel frame, the Trayvax Element gives you the best of both worlds. The mil-spec paracord further adds a touch of roughness to the already rugged look.

element rfid men wallet

You can store up to 10 cards in the main compartment, and use the integrated money clip to carry up to 5 bills. This product mimics the style of the Contour as it also has a leather strap that goes around the back to fasten at the front.

To top it all up, the Trayvax Element comes with some awesome customization options that you can use to add a personalized touch. You can choose between two finishes for the metal frame and four colors for the leather part. By paying a little extra, you can also get a customized engraving on the strap.

The Element has a price tag of $69.99 (without engraving). It is, therefore, ideal for customers who have a medium to high budget.

Axis Wallet

Coming up last on our list, we have the Axis by Trayvax. This slim minimalist wallet is different from what the company usually offers due to its bi fold design. Unlike the Original 2.0 and the Element, the Axis can be opened up to reveal a hidden key pocket and the money clip.

With regards to card capacity, the Axis is second only to the Original 2.0. You can store up to 14 cards in the main compartment, and up to 8 bills in the integrated money clip. The minimalist wallet features a metallic body and a nylon strap for enhanced strength and durability.

axis wallet men rfid

The Trayvax Axis is available in three different finishes (which include the Tumbled Stainless, Onyx Black Melonite, and OD Green Cerakote) and comes in with a price tag of $49.99. Although a bit costly, the product does offer outstanding utility and efficiency; which is ample justification for its price.


These were some of the products offered by that come with an integrated money clip. Money clips are highly useful and they are an awesome feature that you should definitely look for when browsing. They allow you to keep your cash separated from the rest of your stuff so that you can take out whatever you need without digging around a lot.

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