Trayvax Contour Wallet Ideas 2021

Trayvax Contour Wallet Ideas 2021

The Trayvax Contour is an impressive metal men’s wallet. It’s tough, attention-getting and multi-functional. It can go just about anywhere with you, on both land and in the sky, and keep many things safe. Most people on your gifting list would love to get one for a birthday or Christmas, and it’s easily passed down. Keep these ideas in your pocket, along with your Contour.

Contour In The Wild

The most important thing to do with your Contour wallet is to take it with you. And this wallet can withstand just about anything. The Contour is perfect for the outdoorsman. Take it camping, and crack open some beers in the woods with the integrated bottle opener. Pay for the gas in your boat with one of the 13 cards you have stored within. Go on a hike, this wallet will withstand any drops onto rocks without a scratch. But if you don’t want it dropping at all, it can be attached to a lanyard or carabiner with the secure metal attachment point.

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Contour Indoors

A Contour is also perfect for the great indoors. You can take it to the mall to buy a new suit, without having to worry about pocket size. This front pocket wallet can be stored just about anywhere. And there’s no need to worry about RFID skimmers. The Contour can protect from that too, with its RFID-blocking technology. It’s the best wallet to bring to the bar, too. The easy-access ID window can show the bartender that you’re of age with minimal struggle. Pay for your part of the tab easily with the leather money pocket. This unique wallet will turn heads when you take it out to pay.

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Contour In The Air

It may not look it, thanks to all the metal built into it, but the Contour is TSA-approved. It’s perfect to take on a flight. Put your ID up front, so the gate attendant can easily see it. Send it through the X-Ray machine; it’ll be just fine. Tip a luggage porter with the bills stored in the rear leather bill pouch. Once you’re on your flight, pay for wi-fi and premium food with your favorite credit card. Turbulence is no problem for this tough wallet. It can tumble to the floor and barely get scuffed. And it’s certain to start a conversation with your seatmate. A Contour is your best friend in the friendly skies.

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Contour As A Gift

There’s no better gift for a friend or family member than something they’ll use for life. And a Trayvax Contour is just that. Everyone on your gift list, from your wife to your grandfather, will appreciate this wallet. Coming in titanium, steel, fancy brass, and especially the limited-time iridescent blue, this wallet will be the talk of the party. The recipient can open their birthday beers with their birthday present, or can hold the cards they need to go shopping for the next party. And it’s all thanks to you, and the special gift that is a Trayvax Contour wallet.

Passing Down A Contour

The Contour wallet you buy for yourself, could become your child or grandchild’s favorite wallet someday in the future. A wallet this unique-looking and useful never goes out of style. With Trayvax’s 65-Year Heirloom Warranty, this won’t be a problem. When you buy a Trayvax wallet, the warranty starts. And it won’t expire until long after it’s passed down. Give it to your child, they can give it to their child, and so on.

Every child in the family will want their own Contour Wallet; make it a family tradition. With the reasonable price of a Contour, every child, niece and nephew can have their own to pass along to their kids as well. The usefulness of a Trayvax Contour will keep it in the family for generations. It’ll adjust to the cards everyone puts in it, making it a usable heirloom of your family’s history. Get a Contour for you, but keep it for the family.

In Conclusion

There are many things you can do with a Contour. Keep it for yourself, give it as a gift, even pass it down to the kids in your family. Whether you’re at the bar, at the mall, in the middle of the woods, or even in the air, a Trayvax Contour can keep up with you. This wallet is perfect for just about everyone, in almost every situation.  Purchase one today, love it for life.

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