Current Trends for Men’s Wallets

Current Trends for Men’s Wallets

Things go in and out of style in any industry, and wallets are no different. A lot of things are currently in style in the men’s wallet world.  From money clips to multitaskers, to slim front-pocket wallets, and more. Let’s see what’s in fashion today.

Men's Money Clip Wallets

A long time ago, a fancy billfold was the highlight of fashion. But it fell out of style with the advent of the wallet. Now, people are combining the two. More and more wallets today have money clips, and we at Trayvax have a few of our own.

original mens wallet

Some of our hottest sellers have this fashionable feature. For example, our bestseller, the Original 2.0, has one built in. The easy-access ID window helps you get into the bar fast and easy, where said money clip will help you pay your tab. It’ll keep your bills close at hand, while keeping your cards safe from damage and theft. This wallet has thousands of five-star reviews for a reason.

Slim Wallets

For the man without a lot of space in his pockets, a slim wallet is not only fashionable, it’s a godsend. Our Ascent is the best example of a slim minimalist wallet you can find, but don’t let its size fool you. This little accessory can hold whatever you need it to, with space for up to 7 cards. Its top-grain leather and melonite finish come in four different colors, and look good no matter what you pair them with. It’ll fit into your pocket, your heart, and your life. It’ll never go out of style, so with our 65-year Heirloom Warranty, it’ll fit into your child’s life, too.


A wallet doesn’t just have to carry cash. It can be a bottle opener, a notebook, or even your passport book! Everything should be able to multitask these days. A phone can do more than make calls, after all. And at Trayvax, we have a lot of fun little multitaskers.

Our metal wallets, like the Contour, tend to come with bottle openers built in. How fun would it be to crack open some beers on a weekend with your wallet? That’s certainly a party trick your buddies haven’t seen before. And for a limited time, it comes in a striking iridescent blue.  It’s this level of uniqueness and clever design that makes it so stylish.

If you’d rather own a men’s notebook wallet, the Summit Notebook is just the right one. It can be your journal, your idea pad, your sketchbook, or even just your to-do list. Whatever you want to write or draw, it’s easily done with the special, water-resistant Rite in the Rain notepad. And what are you writing with? Probably the included Bullet Space Pen. It can write upside down, through mud or grease. Everyone on the bus will think you’re super-efficient, and it’s a lot less distracting than jotting down your notes on your cell phone.

passport explorer wallet

A seasoned traveler needs a good passport book. You’ll have the best one, with the Trayvax Explorer. It holds everything you need to get on the plane: Your passport (of course), your ID, even your boarding pass. There’s even plenty of space for local currency, once you hit the exchange counter. And once you’re in flight, pay for your premium meal box with your cards, easily reached from your jacket pocket. The Explorer is your best friend for flight.

RFID Protection

Nothing’s more stylish than safety. So keep your stuff safe with us. Our Armored Summit is our best wallet to block RFID skimmers. It offers up to 95.1% resistance, and is easy to accessorize. It’ll go great in a jacket, a pair of pants, or a notebook sleeve. Keep it with you, and no one will be able to take your data. Your chips won’t get chipped when you drop it, either, as it’s tough in that way too. It can take a tumble no problem, with its heat-resistant steel plate and hardy melonite finish. And with superior wear resistance, not even the passage of time will slow it down. When you need durability, you need a Summit.

In Conclusion

Trends come and go all the time, but we here at Trayvax like to keep up with the times. Whether you want a flashy multitasker, a sturdy protector, or a neat money clip. Thick or thin, we have it all. Whatever your tastes, whatever your price range, give us a try. You’ll love us for life.

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