Hold The Phone with Trayvax

Hold The Phone with Trayvax

Trayvax only has a few wallets big enough to hold a cell phone, but the few we do have are great. The Renegade wallet with zipper is a great choice, as are the two different sizes of Roam clutch. Keeping your phone safe is important, and Trayvax will help you with that!

Hold Smartphones In Your Wallet Wristlets

A Trayvax Roam mini clutch is one of the best options for smartphone safekeeping. It comes with either a shoulder strap or a wristlet. While it may be small, it’s easy to carry around. The soft wool interior won’t scratch your phone screen and feels nice to reach into. The Roam Mini, despite its compact size, can hold just about any phone. It can also hold up to 12 cards, plus bobby pins, a tube of Chapstick, or even a house key. It can even be a wallet for your pre-existing purse, for an extra layer of safety for your phone. This clutch can go anywhere with you, and it’s easy to take your phone out for a quick call or photo.

Full-Size Roam Clutch

What’s better than the Roam Mini Clutch? The full-size Roam clutch! It’s bigger, has more space for things, and even has a specific pocket just for your phone. And even at this size, the larger clutch can come as a wristlet. Keep it on hand, literally, to hold everything you need. You can even add a clip-on keychain onto one of its secure attachment points. The Roam keeps everything secure with three snap closures. It even has the same mini pouches for hair dyes and spare keys. It has the same soft wool interior, which will make you smile as you reach into it. This clutch comes in either black or brown and looks beautiful in either color. Your phone will be safe and sound in this fancy, functional clutch.

roam clutch wallet phone

Trayvax Renegade: Keep Your Phone Zipped Away

At only $49.99, the Trayvax Renegade is the zipper wallet for the person on a budget. But don’t let its price tag fool you. This wallet is made with the same care, quality, and attention to detail that all of our wallets are. It’s sleek but spacious, coming in either brown or black, and with plenty of room. The Renegade is made with top-grain leather and heavy-duty nylon. And its lockable zipper pull keeps your valuables safe and sound. It won’t fall apart easily, and you can pass it down to your kids, to hold their phones, with our 65-year Heirloom Warranty.

renegade clutch wallet phone

Phone-Carrying Tips

When carrying your phone in a Trayvax wallet, make sure it’s easily accessible. You never know when you might need to make or take a call, or take a picture. With the Roam Clutch, it’s easy to grab your phone from the built-in pouch. It’s right in the back of the clutch, exactly where your hand is.

On the other hand, be careful that your phone won’t be easy for other people to get to. Phones contain a lot of sensitive data, like passwords and bank apps. To keep it safe, secure the snaps of the Roam Mini wallet, or lock the zipper pull of the Renegade. For added security, attach a lanyard to the attachment point, then hook the other end to a belt loop or something along those lines. Another good way to keep it safe would be to use a wristlet attachment, so it’s hooked onto your body. Nobody would be able to take it without you noticing.

Be careful when placing your phone into a new holder. It might scratch your screen, or even crack it if there’s something hard inside. Luckily, with the Roam clutches, there’s no risk of that happening. The wool interior is soft and gentle. It won’t scratch or break your glass unless there’s something else inside. The Renegade doesn’t have a wool interior, but it’s still gentle enough to keep your screen safe.

Be aware of the size of your phone, as a big phone might not fit into a small pouch. For instance, a huge Samsung Galaxy won’t fit into a Roam Mini. But a full-sized Roam would work.

In Conclusion

You have a few choices for holding your phone in a Trayvax wallet, and each one is better equipped for different needs. For something cheap, try a Renegade. If you need a small size, a Roam Mini works best. And for the full phone-protecting experience, the Roam clutch is perfect.

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