New Materials in Wallet-Making

New Materials in Wallet-Making

From aluminum to carbon fiber to nylon, wallets aren’t just made of leather anymore. Look in any department store, and you’ll even see them made out of cork, upcycled plastic or even duct tape. The times are changing fast, and products are changing too. Here are a few of the latest materials in wallet-making.

Carbon Fiber Money Clips

The classic billfold is making a comeback. And with customers not wanting to deal with plastic, new materials had to be decided on. Carbon fiber shot to the top of the list quickly. It’s strong, secure, and doesn’t have the same environmental impact as plastic.

One of our best-selling wallets has a great money clip: The Axis. This slim minimalist wallet has a number of cool features, not the least of which is its useful money clip. It might be made out of the same metal as the rest of the wallet, but that doesn’t stop it from being useful. In fact, that just makes it even more durable. Nothing will snap off or wear out at the least convenient time. Protect your cash and your cards with it, and enjoy it for life.

axis steel money clip wallet

Stainless Steel: Safety with No Rust

If you want a versatile material, look no further than stainless steel. It’s used in all sorts of products. Silverware, architecture, auto bodies, and now wallets. Our best stainless-steel product would have to be the Contour. It’s a strong, attention-grabbing item, both physically and in presence. It’s a rust-resistant, open-faced leather and metal construction. It’ll keep everything safe from damage, theft and RFID skimming. Carry a Contour; you won’t regret it.

contour metal wallet

Aluminum: Not Just For Foil Anymore

Wallets made of metal are nothing new. But up until recently, it’s been mainly titanium or stainless steel. Aluminum has come onto the scene in a big way, especially here at Trayvax. Our Original 2.0 wallet can attest to that. It’s a cool metal wallet, made with airplane-grade aluminum. With over 5000 satisfied reviews, this wallet is one of our most popular. It has a strong pry bar, an easy-access ID window, and even a built-in bottle opener. Crack open a beer with this popular wallet. It’ll get your friends’ attention too, and with its low price, you can get a bunch of them as gifts. Everyone on your gifting list will love one.

original wallet materials

Nylon: Extra Strong

One of the best materials today is nylon. It’s been used in many ways for decades, from ladies’ wear to chew toys for dogs, and now we use it too. Our toughest products use nylon for stitching, binding and straps. Our Cinch belt is even made of the stuff! The Summit, especially, uses nylon heavily in its design. It helps it stay together, because it won’t snap or wear down easily.  The nylon strap keeps your money safe from harm, and the Summit’s excellent construction keeps your cards safe from RFID skimmers. Everything works in conjunction to keep your belongings where they, well, belong!


A new craft making the rounds recently is duct tape accessories. They’re fun, inexpensive and flashy, but not very durable. A harsh rainstorm would crumple one easily. Plastic shopping bags can also be transformed, but that comes with its own set of problems. They’re easily pulled apart and are a bit hard to fix. There are even more severe problems with it, though. If you’re too rough on them, they’ll shed microplastics, which can be disastrous on the environment and everything in it. Cork, on the other hand, is more environmentally friendly and versatile. But its porousness makes it a bit tricky to clean, and it doesn’t last as long as leather or metal.

Putting It All Together

Many of our products contain more than one of these materials. Take the Element. It has a rugged frame made of stainless steel and stitching made of nylon. These, along with the top-grain leather, help to make it super durable. It’ll stay together in rain, mud, or even sharp drops. Indoors or out, this slim wallet will stand strong. Our 65-year Heirloom Warranty will guarantee that it’ll keep going even after you stop.

In Conclusion

Wallets are being made with all kinds of new and fancy materials nowadays. Metal and nylon keep them together, and carbon fiber keeps your money close. What kind do you want? The choice is up to you, and if you choose one of ours, you can rest assured that it’ll stay in one piece for life.

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