How to Protect Your Wallet on Vacation

How to Protect Your Wallet on Vacation

Once it’s safe to travel again, wallet protection will be of the utmost importance. From thieves, to damage, to demagnetizing, and even RFID skimmers, there are a lot of threats to your valuables. Fortunately, we here at Trayvax have solutions for all of these issues!

Preventing Pickpocketing

Every country in the world has their own schemes to look out for. Many will include either distraction or deception. For example, two people might start loudly arguing in a train station. While everyone is turned to look or film, a third person will slip wallets out of pockets. Or maybe a wallet is found on the ground, and a stranger asks if it’s yours. When you feel at your pocket to check, the stranger, and another in the shadows, see which pocket you’re checking.

talon key

While you can’t keep a hand in your pocket at all times, the Trayvax Keyton Clip, one of our many clip-on keychains, will keep your wallet secure. Slip one end onto one of the secure attachment points, and clip the other to other to your belt loop. No thief will be able to slip it out without you noticing!

RFID-Blocking Metal Wallets

One of the trickiest schemes out there is the RFID skimmer. All you need to do is walk past the wrong person, and they’ll have all your card data. In crowded places, it’s nearly impossible to tell who might have the machinery on hand.

Take the guesswork out of protection with one of our metal RFID wallets. We have plenty of them to choose from. From the bestselling Original 2.0, to the beautiful Iridescent Blue Contour. There’s one for every style, budget, and need. They usually have bottle openers, so security can be fun too! Wherever you’re going, you won’t have to worry about your data getting swiped, scanned, or skimmed.

And with our 65-year Heirloom Warranty, your kids’ data will be safe after you’ve retired from travelling. It comes with the purchase of any of our in-house-made products.


Have you ever had a hotel keycard stop working because it was in the same pocket as your camera? That’s called “demagnetization,” and it happens when the magnets in a card’s stripe are overwhelmed by other, stronger magnets.

There’s less of a risk of it happening with credit cards, but if you want to keep opening your hotel room with little fuss, it’s something to watch out for. One of the best ways to prevent it is by keeping cards separate, and away from your phone.

roam clutch

The Roam Clutch can help with that. It has different slots where you can store a number of different cards. Your room key won’t have to touch your debit card and be overwhelmed by it. There’s even a special pocket on the back for your phone. If it stays far enough from the cards, they won’t be demagnetized, and you can continue to use them.

Physical Damage

Cards can be a bit delicate. If you sit down the wrong way, you could crack them. A hard fall could scratch the stripe or chip, and a sudden impact could break them in half! These are all terrible things that could ruin a trip. But we here at Trayvax have just the wallet to withstand everything a vacation can throw at you.

element rfid wallet leather

Introducing, the Element.  Its rugged stainless-steel frame can hold up when dropped, and its top-grain leather will protect the stripes from being scratched. Though this minimalist leather wallet is tough, it still looks fashionable. Take your partner out for drinks, and take your money out of an Element. They’ll be impressed, the bartender will be curious, and your friends will want to know where you got it. if you tell them, they’ll be protecting their cards with it too, and safer cards means happier people.

In Conclusion

It’s a dangerous world out there. Any number of things can happen to your wallet, and potentially ruin your trip. It could get stolen, or your data could. You could get locked out of your room from a demagnetized stripe. Your cards might even get damaged. If you keep your head on straight and stay careful, you’ll probably be all right.

Watch out for pickpocketing tricks, stay alert in crowded places, and be aware on uneven surfaces. Remember to keep your phone and your cards separated. Take even fewer chances by having one of our great products on your vacation. And remember: Have a good time!

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