Designing for Longevity: Building the Strongest EDC Products


Designing for Longevity: Building the Strongest EDC Products 

The first line of our mission statement is to design for longevityLongevity defined is a long duration of individual lifeBefore we flip on the light switches at the warehouse every morning our main goal is to build products that live a long life! From the product purchase date we will back any of our Trayvax products with a 65 year warranty. 

Why the 65 year warranty?

Sixty-five years is the length we deem is a “lifetime” of a product. We believe that all of products will out last our lifetime. Thus, we placed an end date in case they are using minimalist wallets in 2520.

Building Durable Everyday Carry Gear

We grasp the importance of endurance and simplicity every step of the way in building high quality gear... Carrying a Link EDC key chainusing the pocket clip of the Keydex or stashing cash in a money clip on our front pocket wallets happens multiple times a day. That equates to an exponential number when you consider use over 65 years. 

Thus, we need to have bottles opening from our slim wallets well into 2085!

Placing function over ever-changing fashion trends is a trait we have strived for since being founded in 2012. Being a USA based company with in-house manufacturing, we have the ability to brainstorm new products and watch them come to life instantly. Then we vigorously test each piece of gear, questioning every problem imaginable... can we quickly access it? 

Does the pull tab work after 10,000 pulls? 

Can our Cinch Belt lift a truck?

Developing Product Creation Systems

Upon launching a new product, we ensure it was built with the most durable materials. All our materials are U.S. sourced, from our high quality leather to bend proof metals, we are proud to be locally sourced and support American companies.

In our warehouse we use CNC machine’s to carve out our unique Trayvax designs such as the top plate of our contour walletWe use a tumbler to confirm all discrepancies in the stainless steel are removed for a smooth finish. We have custom built leather presses to cut out our origamic leather wallets.



Eventually we use these custom materials to hand assemble products. This confirms we have eyes on every product we send out the door. Thus, being certain our customers only receive the highest quality everyday carry gear.

Inspiring Action

Inspiration is our most valuable currency. If our products are built for longevity they will inspire the lives of those who own them. Using them as tools to make their lives easier, and inevitably will aid others to earn their storyAs a company there is one moment in time we are chasing… it is when our customers hand down our product to their grandchildren; telling them their life stories that gives the product its meaning.

-We back all our products with a 65 year warranty
-We design all our products to last a long time from the moment of creation
-Inspiring others to act is the most powerful influence we can have as a company


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Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator

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