Featured Product: Link EDC Lanyard Keychain



Featured Product: Link EDC Lanyard Keychain

Introducing the Link EDC Lanyard Keychainthe best sidekick to all of our walletsFor those that do not know, EDC stands for Everyday Carry, EDC refers to the products we take with us EVERYWHERE. Thus, they need to be built to last - rugged enough to endure the harsh outdoor elements, while being sleek enough for dinner at the in-laws.

This is not your average keychain; our quick swivel release design is efficient for on-the-go key tosses across the parking lot. The custom stainless steel Trayvax carabiner secures perfectly to the attachment points on all Trayvax walletsAvailable in four leather options, a climb spec nylon and most recently creating the Link Stretch Lanyard. 

If you own this product we would love your feedback in the comments section below. What do you love about it? What can we do better?

Designed for Longevity

Launched in the Spring of 2019, we saw the need to create an everyday carry key chain that could do it all. More than a key holder or a quick release key ring, with 360 degree rotation, this product provides locked on security during your daily travels.

- Quick Swivel Release(quicker than a buckle)
- Available in four custom leather options, climb spec nylon and the stretch
- Secured to a custom stainless steel carabiner 

The Link EDC Lanyard is a quick-release swivel keychain secured to a custom stainless-steel Trayvax carabiner with your choice of climb-spec nylon or top grain oil tanned leather. This easily accessible EDC lanyard keychain is made to be at your side everywhere you go. Perfect for any item you want close, secure and readily available.

Prior to using this product I was on board for the lanyard trend during the 2000s and then slowly faded away as 2010 hit. Fast forward to 2019 and the Link EDC Lanyard was in my pocket everyday. What changed, “was the trend back?” I would question. 

It was not until I hit the quick release button and hailed my set of keys fifty feet across the parking lot to my buddy that a light bulb went off. At the time I was hangry, walking towards the local taco truck with a single objective, food! Then I thought to myself, “this product maximizes the efficiency of everyday inconveniences.” 

My friend had forgotten his wallet in my car, instead of fumbling around for my keys I effortlessly tossed them through the air without stopping my stride. It was the quick release that made this product revolutionary for me, combined with the security knowing my carabiner was attached to my Contour wallet in my pocket at all times. 

Long Term Product Maintenance:
How To Clean Your Link EDC Lanyard Keychain 

All  Trayvax products are backed by a 65-year warranty - we make all of our products designed to last. Thus, we highly recommend regular maintenance to keep your Link EDC Lanyard in top shape. Here are a few things to consider when cleaning your Link Lanyard.

Check out the How to Clean Trayvax Leather Guide

The quick swivel release should be routinely cleaned and oiled as necessary. As we use any EDC gear, lint and dirt has a tendency to build in common overlooked spots. 

To clean and apply oil to the quick release swivel we suggest:
- Using a damp cotton swab to remove dirt and build-up
- Use a dry cotton swab to remove any excess water
- Damp a swab with WD-40 or any comparable oil/lubricant
- Allow to air dry
- Repeat every few months

We do provide replacement parts for the Link EDC Lanyard Keychain - for any return or warranty questions please contact us at support@trayvax.com.


Link EDC Lanyard Trayvax Secrets

Did you know that it has a bottle opener?

Yup, the mouth of the carabiner has a lip and leverage point to pop tops on your favorite refreshments. Next time you are around the bonfire catch someone's eyes light up when you show them this feature.

All of our everyday carry gear works well with one another, the Link EDC Lanyard is like the friend everyone gets along with. It works great when combined with a wallet like the Element or Contour and the Keydex multi tool.

The Keydex attached to the key ring of the Link, then a Trayvax wallet attached to the carabiner is the product combination we strive for. Having each product aid the next. 

What is your favorite Trayvax product combination? 


Link EDC Lanyard Keychain Summary:
- Not your average keychain
- 360 degree quick swivel release
- Custom stainless steel carabiner 
- Available in four custom leather options, climb spec nylon and the stretch
- Regular maintenance tips
- Bottle opener & product combination suggestions


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator


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