How to Clean Trayvax Leather?

How to Clean Trayvax Leather?



-Empty contents out of dirty wallet
-Remove excess dirt with damp cloth
-Create simple solution: warm water, mild soap & splash of vinegar
-Use soft cloth + cleaning solution & clean wallet in circular motion
-Quickly submerge or rinse off in warm water
-Dry at room temperature

We watched the storm bend the tops of trees back & forth. Rain drops raced each other down the windshield as my dog & I made eye contact. The nonverbal cues of “Are we sure we want to do this?” Passed across our minds as we geared up for a hike through the woods; I nodded yes and opened the door to the gusty storm hitting the Pacific Northwest.


My Contour wallet fell off my lap & into a puddle of muddy water a few inches deep. Just the attachment point showed itself as I picked up the wallet, dripping with mud & soaked in dirty water. My initial reaction was the wallet would need to be cleaned, I began to ponder how necessary it would be to maintain the leather in order to have the product last a lifetime.


How to Clean Your Trayvax Leather Wallet?

When you receive a Trayvax wallet you may notice the How to soak your Trayvax card inside. This is designed to help stretch the leather to your preferred thickness based on how many cards you carry. Do not worry if you never did this with your wallet. Overtime, with use, all our leather wallets form a custom patina based upon your lifestyle.

Our leather is incredibly durable, pre-stained & stretched to last several lifetimes & will hold its shape when the time comes to pass it on to the next generation. 

This is what Trayvax strives for as a brand. If there is one moment in time we are chasing - it is when our customers hand down our products to their grandchildren and tell their life stories that give the product its meaning! When that moment comes we want to make sure your products will still be in great shape for the next generation of use. 

Taking Care of Your Everyday Carry: How to Clean Leather?

The first step is to empty the wallet contents. 

If you were in a similar circumstance with mud(and now dry dirt) covering the wallet, use a damp paper towel to give it a quick rinse down.

After that it is simple as warm water, a touch of soap(mild shampoo or baby soap) and a splash of vinegar for good measure. Use the solution with a soft cloth and slowly create a circular motion cleaning the leather. 

For my Trayvax Contour it was best for me to loosen the T6 screws with your Contour Adjustment Tool, removing the leather & then thoroughly clean it. Each of our leather wallets will have different cleaning practices, the common goal is to reach each part of the leather with the cleaning solution.
After the wallet has been cleaned & covered with the soap solution - rinse off the wallet. This can be done by quickly submerging the wallet in water or running it under a faucet. The goal is to remove any remaining suds, pat dry with a fresh cloth and allow to dry for a few hours.
Upon completing the cleaning, allow the wallet to dry at room temperature, away from any heat sources, this may take a few hours.


The “DO-NOT’S” of Leather Wallet Cleaning:

Leather oils out there are great for conditioning your wallet but does not clean it

Stay away from alkaline based products such as sanitizing wipes. 

Hopefully this is obvious, but DO NOT put your wallet in the washer machine or dishwasher. 

Allow the leather to dry at room temperature. NEVER place a wet leather wallet next to a heat source or in direct sunlight. This can cause the wallet to lose its flexibility, deeming it unusable.


-Empty contents out of dirty wallet
-Remove excess dirt with damp cloth
-Create simple solution: warm water, mild soap & splash of vinegar
-Use soft cloth + cleaning solution & clean wallet in circular motion
-Quickly emerge or rinse off in warm water
-Dry at room temperature


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