How to Use a Trayvax Wallet

How to Use a Trayvax Wallet


How to Use a Trayvax Wallet(s)

Everyone is different BUT everyone likes getting a gift! 

Did you recently get gifted a Trayvax Wallet? 

Even better… Did someone hand down their Trayvax wallet for you to earn your own story?

We created this guide to help you understand how to use your brand new Trayvax wallet.

Years ago we started with a single wallet idea, now we offer over ten wallets with endless colors, straps and material options. 

The Trayvax wallet lineup: Original 2.0Armored SummitSummit NotebookAxisAscentElement, ExplorerContour, RenegadeRoam Clutch

Choosing the best wallet for your lifestyle can seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry, we bet that we’ve created a wallet to fit your chaotic life, we truly believe Trayvax wallets are for everyone. Each wallet is unique in its design, utility and purpose. This guide will run through each wallet, its functionality and best systems to be utilized when using your Trayvax wallet. 


Original 2.0(pictured above):

This is where Trayvax started! Our multifunctional wallet built to withstand the toughest conditions. Two stainless steel plates, held tight together with mil-spec paracord. Featuring a durable pry bar for wedging something durable into tight spots, an integrated money clip and bottle opener makes this wallet a minimalist dream!


Armored Summit:

Our slimmest profile. Built to be lightweight in physical weight and profile design. The Armored Summit is two heat-resistant steel plates held together with MIL-SPEC nylon webbing. Integrated money clip, attachment & bottle opener makes our smallest “wallet” the on-the-go choice for years to come.


Summit Notebook:

A pocket sized notebook built around our summit wallet. Our durable leather incases a space pen, waterproof notepad and a steel plated summit to hold up to 8 cards. We designed this wallet for the big thinker wanting to escape from the “busy-ness” of their everyday life.
The summit notebook allows you to venture into the wilderness leaving everything else behind. Taking back with you the thoughts you had “out-there” written on a notepad the size of a credit card.



The Axis is our take on the traditional bi-fold wallet. Built from two stainless steel plates & held together by reinforced nylon webbing straps. Designed to be a slim profile but having the adjustability to accommodate up to 14 cards. The integrated attachment point, money clip & hidden key pocket makes this one of our best selling minimalist wallets. 



Slim, leather profile is the first thing that comes to mind when considering the Ascent. Only accommodating up to 7 cards this wallet is built for the person only bringing the essentials with style.
A steel plate splits the wallet into two leather compartments, double-threaded & hand sewn guarantees this slim wallet will provide endless uses for years. A pull-tab provides access to one slot, as the other slot is accessed from the slot window. A small cash stash in the back of the wallet packs everything you need for a day outing in a front-pocket carry wallet.



Stylish, utilitarian and slim profile is the Element wallet with endless uses.

The perfect combo of stainless steel and leather is the Element. The Element has been a crowd favorite among our staff and customer base. 

A stainless steel plate wrapped in a custom leather template & then threaded with paracord, combines everything that sets Trayvax Products apart from the rest of the industry. An integrated attachment point, bottle opener and money clip makes this wallet compete for the top spot as our most popular.



Are you an avid traveler looking to keep your passport and other commuting essentials all in one place? We created the explorer to hold your passport, boarding pass, cash receipts and up to 12 credit cards all enclosed in our oiled latigo leather. The nylon stitching used is designed to match the strength of the leather to keep all your international travel essentials all in one place.



Engineering is cool and the Contour proves this concept. Unique leather templates, sewn together by reinforced nylon stitching is bolted between two steel plates that provide the dexterity of the Contour. This provides for an adjustable sliding clasp, allowing you to carry up to 13 cards or making it tighter to carry less. 

An integrated bottle opener, attachment point that doubles as a pry bay & a convenient money stash makes the Contour one of our most popular wallets. 

The sleek versatile profile is my personal favorite for exploring the mountains in the morning, to catching the sunset on Bellingham Bay before heading out on the town. This wallet truly does it all, can go anywhere & looks good in the process!



Are you having trouble adapting to the minimalist lifestyle? The Renegade is a durable zipper wallet with an attachment that doubles as a lockable zipper if pulled over the attachment point. The dual internal compartments have plenty of space to store coins, cards, receipts or spare cash. 

We have seen endless uses for the Renegade - we would love to hear how you have been using it in the comments below! Check out our Featured Product post discussing the Renegade in detail.


Roam Clutch:

We understand the need to take chapstick with you everywhere. If the Renegade was not big enough for you we designed the Roam Clutch to be a durable leather clutch. 

The Roam Clutch holds up to twelve cards, spare cash and even your cell phone. This elegant design will hold everything you need for a night out on the town. Check out our detailed product release of the Roam Clutch!


Our hope is to create a wallet for every type of individual to be used in any situation. Some may own a variety of Trayvax Wallets for different types of ventures. We love hearing from our customer base.. 

What is your favorite wallet?

How has your Trayvax wallet made your life easier?

If you had to choose one Trayvax wallet to use for every activity, which one would it be & why?


Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator
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Brian Zig

Brian Zig

Great to hear you are loving our products! Best of luck winning the daily contest, remember to enter each day for a chance to win. We appreciate all the support & spreading the Trayvax culture by word of mouth.



David White

David White

I love your wallets all of them especially the contour it’s my all time favorite.. if i could just win the contest i would be the happiest man alive, plus i would bring yall more customers.. thanks

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