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A few years ago, Mark, our Founder, was machining every Trayvax wallet by hand and powder-coating the aluminum faceplates with a small counter-top oven. Today, Trayvax is a company with over 30 employees working together, assembling, packaging, and shipping several hundred wallets everyday. Mark has expanded the Trayvax line to include the Element, Summit, Contour, Axis wallets with many more products on the way. 

Today, Trayvax’s manufacturing facility in Bellingham, WA, uses a CNC Machine to produce flawless designs made from the world’s strongest materials. Though similar designs each one of our wallets are different. Choosing which wallet works best for your lifestyle can be deterring, this guide was created to help you choose!
All Trayvax’s wallets come standard with top-grain leather, CNC-machined plate, RFID protection and backed by a 65-year warranty.

Trayvax Contour Wallet

Contour Wallet:
Purpose: Minimalist Profile, front pocket carry, utilitarian
-Holds up to 13 cards and 10 bills
-Integrated Bottle Opener
-Adjustable Sliding Clasp
-Torx Wrench for Adjustment
-Attachment Point

The Contour is our most sought after wallet to date, it is designed with rugged purpose and overbuilt to outlast the journey of a lifetime. Each Contour begins with a stainless-steel plate treated with a PVD coating for increased durability. We use custom cut top-grain leather to enclose your cards and cash providing a slim profile, ideal for the front-pocket carry. The contour wallet works best with a constantly moving lifestyle, the go-getter and ambitious adventurer. If you continuously find yourself opting for the “quick outfit change” between activities look no further than the Contour Wallet as a trusty travel companion.

Trayvax Element Wallet

Element Wallet:
Purpose: Minimalist Profile, front pocket carry, 
-Holds 3-10 Cards and 1-5 bills
-Integrated bottle opener and money clip
-Attachment point

The Element is one of our best sellers offering a rugged take on a classic leather wallet . We begin with a tough stainless-steel plate wrapped in top-grain oil-tanned leather and secured with MIL-SPEC paracord. This slim wallet is packed with features including a built-in bottle opener, integrated money clip, attachment point, and RFID-protection. The Element is slim enough to slip in your front pocket, tough enough for any outdoor pursuit, but stylish enough for date night or everyday carry. If you’re a weekend warrior retreating to distant horizons on Friday night just to race back for Sunday dinner plans, the Element is your go anywhere do anything wallet! 


Trayvax Ascent Wallet

Ascent Wallet:

Purpose: Minimalist, Stylish
-Holds 4-7cards and 5 bills
-Attachment point
-Easy access nylon pull tab window

The Ascent boasts a single, stainless steel plate, notched on both sides for a comfortable grip. Top grain, oil-tanned leather is carefully hand-stitched through the steel plate and secured in place with brass rivets. Carry only what you need on your journey with this slim, dual-slot credit card holder. With repetitive use over time, the leather will form around the contents of your wallet and develop a patina unique to your lifestyle. The Ascent is designed for the simple mind, with less card capacity than other options, the Ascent user travels light only bringing what they need. The sleek and streamlined design, provides no confusion when at the checkout line and shows style as your everyday carry.



Axis Wallet:
Purpose: Minimalist, Customizable, Slim
-Bi-fold profile
-Hidden coin/ keyholder
-Fits 1-14 cards and 1-8 bills
-Attachment point

The new “old-school”; the Axis is our twist on the classic bi-fold wallet that features the same slim profile as the rest of our minimalist wallets. We combine two stainless steel plates, a money clip, and nylon strap to give you a compact wallet that fits into the slimmest of front pockets. Pair that with RFID-protection and a hidden coin pocket for an all-purpose metal wallet, the Axis is built for any adventure or everyday carry. This wallet is designed to move with you wherever you venture. Having the ability to micro-adjust the plates to hold one card up to fourteen makes this minimalist wallet fully customizable to your unique lifestyle. 

Trayvax has a variety of wallets to choose from for every purpose! We continue to create new concepts, we plan to grow and we’re excited to reveal what’s coming next.


Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator
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