What Does CNC Mean?

What Does CNC Mean?


Trayvax gear is designed with purpose, functionality, and aesthetics in mind. The distinctive stainless steel shapes to each product we create was the result of our Computer Numerical Control Machine, CNC for short. Our CNC machine produces parts and accessories that we use to build out Trayvax gear, like the stainless-steel plates that create our metal wallets. The most interesting part about our CNC machine is that it allows us to create prototypes of new Trayvax gear in real time!

What Does CNC Stand For?
Holding Trayvax gear in the palm of your hand provides this invigorating feeling that each contoured edge was cut with purpose. At Trayvax, we use our Computer Numerical Control machine in order to make each piece of gear perfect! Our CNC machine allows us to be innovative in creating products like the shift wallet comb. Each tapered tooth of that comb is cut by the CNC machine leaving a smooth symmetrical stainless steel comb that conveniently slips into your minimalist wallet.

How does the CNC machine work?
The CNC machine runs off pre-determined computer software. Each piece of gear we create at Trayvax has a unique coding structure to determine it's three dimensional shape, also known as Computer Aided Design (CAD). CAD communicates with the CNC machine to dictate the movement of corresponding tools and carries out tasks as specified. When in action the CNC machine looks like a robot hard at work but it is really just reading CAD code! The machine moves quickly, making cuts and removing excess material. The CNC machine produces finished material much more efficiently than a human ever could. Thus, allowing us to inspect every piece of material the CNC machine creates at our warehouse in Bellingham, Washington. This guarantees that every product we send out the door is without flaws!

The Computer Numerical Control machine is used for more than creating products, it also allows us to make custom engravings using laser etching. This is all prewritten in the CAD software and the the CNC machine simply does the rest, add a custom engraving to your next Trayvax purchase!


Creating the next round of Trayvax Gear!

The most captivating thing about the Computer Numerical Control machine is creating new products. It starts with an idea which requires writing the code in CAD, make the prototype in the CNC machine and then becomes a experimental process of producing the final product! Check out our newest creation, Trek Field Knife on Kickstarter!

-CNC means 
Computer Numerical Control Machine
-CNC machines create custom designed materials
-CAD means 
Computer Aided Design
-CAD communicates with CNC machine to create innovating products


Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator
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