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What To Do When You Your Wallet Goes Astray?

We have all been there.. sensory neurons spike, the hairs on your neck fling up & the thought of "WHERE IS MY WALLET." Sends an avalanche of concern into our mind and suddenly the rest of the day is focused on finding that wallet! First off, don't panic! Hopefully everything inside is replaceable because you slimmed down your walletBelow is a how-to guide on "what to do when you lose your wallet?"

5 Steps to take:

1. Retrace Your Steps

Unless your wallet was unjustly taken from your possession chances are it is exactly where you left it! So do not go canceling your credit cards just yet. Go search the pant pockets you wore over the weekend, literally go check under your bed, it could just be misplaced instead of lost!
Last week, I was in Seattle visiting a friend, we had planned to head into the city for some adult soda pops. It was not until the cab ride there, when we were miles away from his place, that I realized I left my contour wallet! It is hard to have fun these days without proper identification and a way to pay for things. Luckily, the driver looped back for me & it was right where I left it. 

2. Cant find the lost wallet? - cancel credit / debit cards
If you're waving the white flag and know that there is no finding the lost wallet make sure this is done quickly! Cancel any transaction cards in your lost wallet is a must, if someone stumbles upon them it could further impact your bank account. Some major credit cards do not require identification which makes compromising your cards even easier. Replacing cards is normally free - if for some miracle your lost wallet resurfaces just throw the old cards away.

3. Report it missing
Trying to remember the places you could have left it can be the most frustrating part. Especially if you were at multiple locations prior to losing it. Try and remember when you are 100% positive you had it last. If you frequently use your credit or debit card checking your statements can confirm the last place you had used it. Notifying the places you were that your wallet is missing can help in tracking it down. Lastly, you should file a police report, especially if you lost hundreds of dollars in cash!

4. Replacing everything in your wallet including wallet
Hopefully you remembered every item in your wallet and they are easily replaced. On the bright this could be a good opportunity to slim down your wallet. The main ones like license & ID's can be a pain but insurance cards can get mailed conveniently. You will need to replace your wallet as well, leaving you asking "where to buy cool wallets?"

5. Set Up a System to not repeat the mistake
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This especially goes for losing your wallet. If it has happen once it can happen again - set up strand operation procedures to make sure it is always on your person. Personally, I carry my wallet in my front right pocket and my phone in my left... every day. Every time I proceed to leave a setting I tap my hands on both pockets to make sure they are both in there. I know this is basic stuff but creating systems to live by makes life easier.

Lost Wallet Protocol Summary:

1. Retrace your steps
2. Cancel credit/debit cards
3. Report any valuables missing
4. Replacing the wallet
5. Creating a system to not lose it again!


Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator
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