3 Steps To Making Life Easier: Have Less Stuff


3 Steps To Making Life Easier: Have Less Stuff

As our world speeds up each day we should take steps to evolve with the times. Taking personal responsibility for the “things” we want has never been more pronounced to simplify your life. 

The ironic thought of having less "stuff" making life easier is a new concept but an evolving one. The mansion is just as desirable as a house with four wheels - it’s all personal perspective. 

Lets help you get with the times, get rid of the stuff that doesn’t matter and upgrade your life with products that help you "earn your story." Below are three easy steps to have less stuff today to make life easier tomorrow.

Step 1: Learning to ask why do I have this [thing]?

This is as simple as it sounds and truly will make your life easier! Look around you right now – yes you, check your pockets, purse or wallet; whether you’re sitting in your favorite coffee shop, researching life hacks at work or have your feet up on the couch at home. 

There is a good chance the things that surround you are there because you personally brought them into your life. The act of asking “Why is [insert everything around you] here?” Is the first step to helps ourselves understand if we need it or not.

Step 2: Take action

Move on and indulge in the freedom of letting go! Take this advice with a grain a salt though. Just because you don’t like cleaning your place doesn’t mean I’m saying to donate your vacuum. 

Instead take a look at your closet, your bathroom medicine cabinet and the notorious “junk drawer.” This is where most people hide the things that we do not need. After personal reflection, I noticed I collect things that I’ll need at some point in the future … maybe.

Step 2B: Where does unwanted stuff go?

When the topic of "having less stuff makes life easier" pops up in conversation many people get confused on where their stuff should end up. Obviously donating or recycling is the best method in terms of getting more life out of something you no longer need. These are your first steps toward a minimalist lifestyle. 

Habitat for Humanity accepts almost all home good donations no matter the condition, find a Habitat for Humanity: ReStore location near you. 1-800-Got Junk is another great nationwide resource for larger items. 

Lastly, searching the internet with “sanitation and recycling (your location)” will provide a list of local options to dispose of your things in an environmentally-friendly way.

Step 3: Reinforced Action

After you’ve purged your life from the things that have no use to you do not go out and fill that void with newer "stuff." 

Anyone who has started a new workout routine or gave the latest juice cleanse a try knows what I am talking about here – keeping up the hard work can be a struggle. Once you’ve asked why and actually took the steps towards making life easier, the most important thing is to follow through.


After taking these three simple steps you will start recognizing different ways in which having less has made your life easier. The freedom of cleansing your daily environment of things you do not need allows for a more carefree existence. 

Soon you will have greater recognition of the products that truly add value for a long time. You'll also begin to notice the added benefit of purchasing goods that are efficient, durable and will last you years to come, allowing you to save money.

If you found this blog post to be informative please leave a comment below, share it with someone or simply report back on your success story of making life easier! Here is to the simple life.


Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator
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