by Gerald Craft May 28, 2019 1 min read 6 Comments

We're pleased to announce the release of the Cinch Lite belt! The Cinch Lite is a slimmed down version of our Cinch web belt. The Cinch Lite features all the simplicity and security of the original Cinch design, in a flexible and lightweight belt. The Cinch Lite's virtually weightless design is built for security, comfort, and infinite adjustability. 

Trayvax Cinch Lite web belt

Built to withstand any backpacking trip or outdoor adventure, the Cinch Lite utilizes a double tension-point aluminum buckle for instant tensioning and hassle-free locking. The anodized finish provides a smooth and attractive appearance while staying true to the rugged, minimalistic designs that have come to embody Trayvax.

For help with sizing, check our chart below:

Size Pant size Length (inches)
SMALL 30-34 42
MEDIUM 34-38 46
LARGE 38-42 50
X-LARGE 42-46 54



The Cinch Lite is designed to have minimal overhang to avoid floppy ends.
While it may seem a little smaller than what you are used to, as long as you stay true to pant size, this sizing will work.
If you wish to have a longer tail OR are on the size cusp (a 34 pant size, for example), we recommend sizing up. 
If you have any questions, you can always reach our support team at

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Maria F Reyes
Maria F Reyes

March 20, 2020

Love the belts! Hopefully I’ll be able afford one after the virus is gone! Be safe everyone!

Michael Maldonado
Michael Maldonado

March 20, 2020

Hi I wanted to just ask I’m interested in getting one of these bills I already have the wallet and it’s fucking awesome but I’m a big guy I’m 56 I weigh 347 pounds and my waist is a 48 now I see you have only extra large which is 42 to 46 I believe but I wanted to see if y’all have any more bigger than that and if you can give me a response again I love trayvax it’s awesome And I just wanted to ask that question because I think I’m going to also order a knife I didn’t know y’all make knives and I’m a big knife fan so that’s the question hopefully I get a response thank you for your awesome wallet that I already have a fucking rocks in the makers y’all are fucking awesome with all the most respect keep it up can’t wait for the future


February 03, 2020

I wear a size 40. Is the large long enough, or is it better to size up, and if I sized up is it easy to cut an end of the belt and burn the end.

Brian Zig
Brian Zig

December 16, 2019

Hi Nicholas,
Cinch Lite Dimensions
Buckle Length: 2 Inches Buckle
Width: 1.3 Inches
Webbing Width: 1 Inches Weight: 1.6-2 Ounces


Nicholas Kuprion
Nicholas Kuprion

December 16, 2019

what is the width of the clinch light

Joseph E Griffin
Joseph E Griffin

February 25, 2020

Hey , i was wondering if thing belt might beable to be made in a bigger size ? I am a big guy and good belts are hard to find . I am 6’7" and almost 500lbs . I wear a size 56 waistband for jeans . I watch talon sei on YouTube and he swears by the clinch belt i would love to be able to get one of my own some day. Have a wonderful day god bless

Joe Griffin

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