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If you have been following our Kickstarter campaign; you may have highly anticipated the release of our Trek Field Knife.We are excited to officially announce our warehouse has begun shipping trek knives out the door! The Trek Field Knife is meant to be used as an everyday carry, built to last forever and it's sleek lightweight design will not slow you down.
Along with our Knife, we are thrilled to release our Keydex product. The Keydex is a secure key holder system to help simplify your life. Both are available to the public for purchase!


Trek Field Knife:
-3.5inch Blade
-Approximately 45degree angle tip
-Thumb jib
-Strong skeletonized handle
-Left or Right Sheath options
The Trayvax Trek is a CNC-machined lightweight skeletonized knife that is accompanied with a hand-stitched leather combo sheath, for both a vertical and scout carry. All Trayvax products are manufactured at our US based warehouse located in Bellingham, WA; the Trek Knife was born and brought to life here. Cut from a single piece of CPM S35VN stainless steel, our devoted Trayvax team have been tweaking every millimeter of the Trek Knife since October 2018. We have put the knife through vigorous testing before, during and after reaching our Kickstarter goal. As a company we pride ourselves in knowing that our products were built to last the test of time. That is why we confidently support all our products with a 65-year Heirloom Warranty. When purchasing the knife Trayvax.com, you will have the option of a Combo Right or Combo Left. This corresponds with left or right handed, hence, I choose the Combo Right because I am right-handed.


-Holds up to 12 keys

-Hardened Stainless Pocket Clip and Attachment Point
-Stainless Pry Bar
-G10 front plate
-Lightweight Skeletonized Stainless Back Plate
Creating a system for everyday tasks aids in eliminating wasted time. We created the Keydex to help simplify your everyday pocket carry. If you are constantly fumbling through three or more keys - this product is for you! Organize up to twelve keys, simply unscrew the desired end and load keys into place based on priority. Load additional keys on opposite end(Pro tip: only add/remove one screw at a time). Adjust each screw to desired tightness using the provided washers in between each key to level as needed. The attachment point and pocket clip are both removable based upon preference. The steel pry bar can be handy for opening a paint container or wedging something durable into a tight spot. 

As we head into 2020 everyone at Trayvax is excited to expand our product line. Since day one our founder, Mark, has strived to bring useful products to the minimalist gear market. Both the Trek Field Knife & Keydex are a confident step in that direction. All this is not possible without the support of you, our wonderful customer base. Each purchased knife during our Kickstarter campaign aided us in bringing the Trek knife to market. All the long hours of fine tuning the blade, the skeleton handle and the sheath was all made possible by you - THANK YOU. If you have purchased either one of these new products and have feedback, an experience you'd care to share or questions please leave a comment below. We love hearing from you! Keep an eye out for more new Trayvax products.


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator


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Dustin Edwards
Dustin Edwards

December 08, 2019

I’m so proud of you guys! Seriously I’ve been on this train since the original original wallet. Now we sell your wallets keychains in our gun shop! So cool! Now we will be adding the keys and knives to our store. Thanks for being such An amazing company and making product that really lasts.

Taneka B
Taneka B

December 08, 2019

Both of these products look great want to check both of them out

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