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Featured Product: Keydex - The Best Key Organizer


Simplify Your Keychain Forever

Finding the key to success is not an overnight accomplishment. Success lies in the processes and routines we create in order to thrive. Life is different for all of us but we all have personal passions and goals. We all can agree that we want something out of life. 

At Trayvax, our mission is to design for longevity, inspire to action, and give from passion; to drive a greater love of the outdoors to humankind. A big focus we have when creating new products is the inspiration they provide everyday. Inspiring action can be the most difficult hurdle -- why does Trayvax want to inspire others to act?

We thrive to create products out of necessity and that will outlast most lifetimes. When designing the Keydex, we realized the importance of a key holder that could fit most key chains while appearing smooth and fashionable in pockets of skinny jeans.


Organize Your Key Ring with the Keydex

-Holds up to 12 keys
-Hardened Stainless Pocket Clip and Attachment Point
-Stainless Pry Bar
-G10 front plate
-Lightweight Skeletonized Stainless Back Plate

Creating Everyday Carry products comes with the responsibility of designing more than a key organizer that doubles as a multi tool. All of our products are designed to last a minimum of 65 years. 

Are you tired of keys digging into your thighs while sitting down?

We designed the G10 CNC-Machined top plate to endure rugged conditions while still appearing sleek in your front pocket. It will no longer look like you are carrying around a golf ball made out of paperclips. I personally have ruined a favorite pair of pants from the constant friction from carrying keys in my right pocket. It was not until I introduced myself to the Keydex that I felt comfortable sitting down without keys pinching into my side.

How The Best Key Organizer is Made

The Keydex comes with a hardened stainless-steel prybar, removable attachment point, removable pocket clip, 14 washers, 2 O-rings, 2 screws, a G10 Trayvax engraved top plate and a stainless steel skeletonized back plate.


We currently hand assemble all our products in our USA based warehouse in Bellingham, WA. Each part of the Keydex is custom cut then inspected for production flaws. We only send out the highest quality gear to our customers; any flaws found on the gear while assembling are set aside.

Setting Up Your Keydex

To organize up to twelve keys, simply unscrew the desired end and load keys into place based on priority. Load additional keys on the opposite end(Pro tip: only add/remove one screw at a time). Adjust each screw to desired tightness using the provided washers in between each key to level as needed. We suggest tightening to the point the keys do not fold out with gravity but still loose enough to use one finger to access. Check out this easy to follow assembly video.



The attachment point and pocket clip are both removable based upon preference. The steel pry bar can be handy for opening a paint container or wedging something durable into a tight spot.

There should be at least one washer between the plates and first key, then a washer in between each key. If you are using less than 12 keys removing the access washers will provide a thinner profile.


Stacking With Other Trayvax Products

Upon launching a new product we love hearing from our loyal customers who use them in the real world. We know comparable products exist in the marketplace, we thrive to create the one that will last the longest.


The Keydex works seamlessly with our Link EDC Lanyard. We already know how using the Link’s custom carabiner attaches beautifully to all our wallets from the Featured Product: Link EDC Lanyard blog post. We would love to hear from you and your personal experiences stacking our products. What combination is your favorite?

I personally love attaching my Link carabiner to my Contour wallet with my Keydex attached to the key ring. It is a secure way to guarantee all my EDC gear is in one place and provides quick access to keys or cards in a flash.

Keys to Success

Success is something that is defined by looking inward. The word “success” alone triggers our mind to wander. No matter how far you travel to accomplish your goals; we are proud to build products that accompany your path to greatness.

Keydex Summary:

-Organize your keys with the sleek profile of the Keydex
-Removable attachment point and deep pocket clips allows for customization
-Watch Keydex assembly video
-The Keydex is design to be used with other Trayvax products


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator

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2 Responses

Brian Zig
Brian Zig

August 12, 2020

Hi Rebecca,

Certain keys such as bulky car keys or key fobs may not fit in the Keydex. Personally, my car key is the only key not in my Keydex which is then attached to a Link Lanyard. Key fobs would most likely dangle alone on the keyring.
Hope this helps!



August 12, 2020

What do you do with the keyfob with the door controls if your c
keys are on the keydex?

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