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Earn Your Story: The Life of a Black Cop in America

To inspire action in ourselves we must be presented with obstacles to overcome. Certain aspects of life are in our direct control while others we are born into. We all have one common choice to make with each passing day – to grow or to settle.

As a company we have the mission to design for longevity, inspire to action, and give from passion; to drive a greater love of the outdoors to humankind. The Earn Your Story Series was created to motivate others to follow the path they seek. We do this through highlighting individuals that coincide with our recipe for success.

Success is not easily defined and is different for every individual. One thing is common in all success stories though, overcoming obstacles. “This is what the world is going to be like for you. Now, you can either accept it that way – or make your own way.”

Meet Ron A.P. Davis.


Who is Ron Davis?

From a young age, love and destructive environments surrounded Ron Davis. He soon realized he was traveling to two different worlds everyday. Growing up without his biological parents in a low-income household, surrounded by relatives with a criminal past, Ron felt the hardships of life from the beginning.

Ron’s grandmother was a big influence on his life’s perspective to grow. Her loving mantra was ‘work hard, support your family and provide your loved ones with the best opportunity to excel past the current hardships.’ Something that to this day, Ron embodies in himself.


Ron learned from his grandmother the ability to control his response when facing a dilemma. Asking Ron “How are you going to respond? Are you going to conform to the person the world views you as? Or are you going to do something different with your life?”

In 2007, Ron joined the military, first the Navy then transferring to the Air Force. This allowed Ron to travel to new places. Every time he goes to a different part of the world, instead of comparing his life to theirs, he tries to understand their culture. He strives to experience it from their point of view. 


Trusting the Process: The Man Behind the Uniform

Beyond Ron’s life of service as a military cyber analyst, he has taken action on personal and business endeavors. He actively seeks record deals for his music as a hip-hop artist. He has taken roles as an actor and manages his own podcast. All while working full time as a police officer.

Where does he find the time?

Ron attributes his continuous drive to finding healthy escapes from the stressors of life. “More people are stressed out because they do not have the ability to get in touch with Mother Nature.” 

Getting outside has been beneficial to Ron’s creative process. He has always been an adventurous spirit since he walked his neighborhood as a young child. Eventually, he took on skydiving as a personal passion; to gain a new perspective and to trust the process of putting his life on the line. It is from 13,000ft above the Earth where this man seeks solitude from his daily obstacles.

To this day, Ron still travels to two different worlds, filled with loving and destructive environments, as he did since he was a child. The difference in Ron’s story is his ability to do it on his own terms.


Modern Day Success Story

In 2020, Ron finds himself having a unique perspective on world events. Working as a black police officer in a major US city, he understands the need for justice and equality.Through action he thrives to set up the foundation for the next generation to build upon. To continue growth, education and the overall health of communities he works with. Ron sees his life as a devotion to that cause and strives to be an example for others to be inspired by. 

A good success story is not always the same for everyone but all are defined by the ripple effects its inspirational impact has had on the world.

We hope this story finds you well. That it sparks motivation to move past the shadows of any dilemma you face and grow into the light of opportunity.

Watch Ron's story below or on our Trayvax YouTube Channel. 


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