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5 Best Minimalist Travel Wallets For Men & Women [2020]

A great travel wallet is designed for three things… keeping your information safe, to be compact yet spacious & provides systematic organization for your valuables through your daily travels.

At Trayvaxall of our products are designed for women & men equally. We use top of the line materials to secure all your travel documents, providing easy access card slots along with RFID blocking technology to keep your cards and cash safe everyday. 

Everyone has different uses and preferences when it comes to minimalist wallets. This post will go over five of the best minimalist travel wallets for men and women. Designed to be innovative separately or ingenious when used together to enrich your on the go lifestyle.

What is the best travel wallet?

Armored Summit

Weight: 3.36 Ounces
Length: 3.75in Width: 2.35in
OurArmored Summitfocuses on being lightweight, features RFID protection with the power of the Armored plate and weighs next to nothing. For the person that only carries a handful of cards & looking for a basic design this wallet is for you. Its slim profile feels lightweight in your front pocket, combined with an attachment point and bottle opener this wallet has the utility to be your everyday carry without anything extra. Do not take our word for it,check out this review by EverydayCarry.


Explorer Passport

Weight: 2.58 Ounces
Length: 5.5in Width: 4.25in
Frequent international flyers understand the importance of creating a system for efficient travel. Knowing exactly where everything is and having a location for all the essentials is mandatory for smooth travel. TheExplorer Passport is just that, small enough to fit in any pocket, card pockets for id card to credit card and a convenient passport holder. Whilst still big enough to hold spare change in this slim wallet.

Traveling with my Trayvax Explorerhelped me understand first hand how effective this product is. Made from onlyour top grain leather this wallet will never have an issue walking through metal detectors. On top of going everywhere with you this passport wallet holds a few dozen coins without causing discomfort in your pocket.



Weight: 4 Ounces
Length: 3.8 Inches Width: 2.4 Inches 
Recently ourfeatured product, the contour is hands down my personal favorite Trayvax wallet. It is one of those “if you know you know” type of situations. Assembled by hand with top grade materials designed to last a lifetime. 

The ability to adjust the T6 screws allows you to carry up to 12 cards or as few as one or two. Check outNovel Carry’s in-depth Contour analysis. 

What is the best women's wallet?

As mentioned earlierall of our walletsare to be enjoyed by everyone, it all depends on your personality. My best friend’s Mom still raves about herContour wallet every time I see her, we are all different! With that said we find more women enjoying ourRenegadeandRoam Clutchthan ever before. The Renegade happens to be one of Mark’s favorites,check out the video below:


Renegade(Featured Product)

Length: 6.2in Height: 3.5in
The Renegade provides an open layout compared to our other models. A zippered pocket opens up to storage slots with a piece of leather creating dual internal compartments for organization. No specified card holders makes the Renegade quick, convenient & multi purposeful. Stashing coins, business cards or chapstick is a breeze with the Renegade.


Roam Clutch(New Product)

Length: 9.5 Inches Height: 4.0 Inches
The Roam Clutch was designed to have a spot for every essential all the way to your phone. This everyday carry fits everything but can fit basically anywhere, purse, book bag etc. When you do not feel like bringing a purse out it is easy to fit everything one would need in the Roam Clutch. Additionally, it pairs well with theshoulder Strap or leather wristlet to make it very versatile.

The Renegade stacks well with the Roam Clutch, very commonly our customers will place the Renegade inside the Roam Clutch to secure loose change, band-aids, or even our Armored Summit.

All our productsare designed to be innovative individually but when used together they become ingenious! We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator

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