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$250+ A Day, Trayvax Package Giveaway
Trayvax is giving away free gear, you may have overheard the guy in the coffee line boasting about his new free wallet or maybe you were lucky enough to stumble upon this blog post! Yes the rumors are true, we are giving away over $250 in brand new Trayvax gear... not just once - EVERYDAY until 2020! Can you say "Happy Holidays from Trayvax!" 
A NEW winner will be selected every 24hrs at 1pm PST then announced on our Trayvax Facebook Page. Now that we have your attention we want to give you the tools to maximize the chances to win. Check out the giveaway details below!
5 Simple Steps To Win Free Gear:
1.  We pick a new winner daily, 1pm Pacific Standard Time, and only entries received today will qualify for tomorrow’s daily drawing! Each entry will only be valid for that 24hr drawing. That means everyday you will need to enter your email every day.
2. The participant must be at least 13 years old and a United States citizen: This one is straight-forward, sorry kids. If you're under 13 tell your parents about the promotion. If you reside outside the US hopefully you have an American friend to tell about this opportunity and can split the gear when they win!
3. Confirm email address: Once you have followed the link to the giveaway page - scroll down past the giveaway countdown, you will see a text box to enter your email address. A valid email entry is required to win!  Please remember to confirm your email address or you will not be able to be selected as a winner. Below the email entry box is a checkbox if you would like to be notified of our sale, promotion, or marketing emails (like this amazing giveaway offer).
4. Giveaway resets daily: Enter once a day, every day, to stay in the running. Everyday we take all contest entries of the past 24hrs and use a program to randomly select a winner! If the winner does not claim the prize within 72 hours of being notified then a different winner will be selected from that day. Pro tip: set a 24hr reminder on your smartphone to enter everyday to maximize your chances! This giveaway ends December 31, 2019.
5. Tell your friends! (Most Important Step)
Once you have signed up you will have several options for sharing the giveaway. This will maximize your chances to win for each social platform you share the giveaway on! Below is a screenshot of what this will look like. Simply click on the social platform link you wish to share it on and the your entry will gain that amount of referrals!
Contour Wallet - $139.99
Cinch Lite Belt - $25.99
Link Lanyard - $49.99

This is a daily giveaway package of over $285.95 in free gear, an opportunity not to miss out on. 
Pro tip: With the holidays approaching Trayvax gear makes for great gifts.
If you win or have won we would love to hear about your experience with our products in the comments below or on our  Trayvax Facebook Page and of course... GOOD LUCK!


Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator
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