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As Trayvax wallets are wrapped, gifted & unwrapped we strive to provide an empowering product that feels good in the hands of its new owner. The moment when their newElement wallet presents itself or pulling theirTrek field knifeout of the hand-stitched leather sheath for the first time we want their eyes to pop open with excitement. You may find the saying “Earn Your Story”  stamped on a variety of our products; This is much more than a marketing ploy. At Trayvax we truly believe in creating a life worth remembering, leaving your mark on this place and earning the story you were destined for. We are all in this together, we want to encourage our customers to seek out things that push growth forward.    

Earning Your Story

It all starts with an idea. When we are younger we have this unknown view of what the world is. Some dream to become an artist, fireman or police officer, others an astronaut. Somewhere along the path we are molded or guided toward our destiny. Each passing day we gain a bit more knowledge on how to navigate and learn a better direction in which to lead life. We formulate a concept of what an ideal life would look like if we could draw it up. This is your dream. It is easy to dream but how do we get there?

Creating Systems

When you break it all down life is pretty simple - what you put into it you get out of it. We all have a different concept of what success means to us. Simply put, we are all seeking fulfillment. What fulfills you?
It is our fundamental right as humans to actively pursue things that set a fire inside of us - that moment when you are truly proud of yourself. Once we locked in & found what drives us the next step is to keep doing it. Showing up can sometimes be the hardest part. It requires us to wake up early and go to bed late, “burning the midnight oil”. Learning how to create & more importantly implement systems into your life is a major step in earning your story. A fine tuned system maximizes your ability to hone in on your idea of success. Each day you have a to-do list to accomplish. Before you know it you’ve created a path to success that is trackable, has milestones and something to strive for.


Photo Credit Brian Zig

Follow Through

We all have abused the snooze button once in our life, we get it. Showing up can be the hardest part. This is where the effort to accomplish your success shows true. Be the person that not only others can depend on but you yourself can depend on. After all we are trying to make ourselves proud. Holding the person in the mirror accountable allows for a foundation to build. Soon what seemed hard in the beginning is just another step in your system. You will begin looking for more ways to challenge yourself. This is where balance comes in.
It is easy to slip away and head into the rabbit hole chasing personal endeavors. Always take time for your personal care, physically, mentally and spiritually. Make time for your family and friends, especially during the holidays, even if it requires you to travel far distances. Go outside and embrace the beautiful natural world we are lucky to call home. 


If you find yourself at a point in life that you look back from where you came from and it is hard to see where you started, be proud. For most people their dreams remain dreams, it is the ones that seek out and accomplish them that truly understand the power of a dream. I came up with a saying years ago to simplify this concept and has stuck with me since. Dream, plan, action, repeat - this is a basic formula to keep us on track towards our own definition of success.

Get up and get out there!


Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator
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