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Giving Trayvax gear as a gift is a rewarding sight as the receiver lays their hands on our product. Whether gifted to yourself or a lucky person in your life, they instantly begin flipping the gear around and reviewing it from all angles, marveling at ourCNC Machinesteel plates &full grain leather. Questions flow like, "How am I going to fit all my stuff in here?"
"What is this steel hole for?"
"Is this a bottle opener too?"

After gifting everyone in my family a newTrayvax wallet I soon realized the anomalies that ended up in someone's wallet. An old random business card is expected, maybe a schedule from your favorite sports team or a fortune from a cherished fortune cookie. How long do these items take precedent in your wallet and ultimately in your life? You are carrying these items, that you do not need daily, everywhere you go. My brother received theTrayvax Element,he quickly realized that his 2015 Chicago Cubs schedule would no longer be needed with his new wallet. After a brief invention onHow to slim down your wallet, my brothers newElement wallet was stocked with his everyday essentials. Leaving us with the question - what is in your wallet? Seriously take out your wallet and let’s do some cleaning.


Must Have List:
This list may vary based on the individual but everyone needs identification, a way to pay and insurance cards. Permit cards can be a wallets must have if you are performing activities that require special licensing, such as a military ID or CDL card. RFID access cards used at work or to enter your apartment are a must have if you use them daily. Spare cash helps if you find yourself in a bind, cash-only establishments still exist just as you could forget your debit card at the coffee shop. Be prepared for the unexpected but leave the kitchen sink at home! 
Now you have your personalized list of essentials, what is everything else in your wallet doing there?
The Essentials: 
-Way to Pay. Debit / Credit Card
-Insurance Cards
-Permit Cards
-Access Cards
-Spare Cash


Decluttering Your Wallet:

If you have used the same wallet for years, as my brother did, it is understandable oddities sneak in there. He had used a classic bi-fold wallet for over ten years, thus carrying nostalgic memorabilia from all those years. Be warned, going through your wallet and finding things that are hard to let go of will happen. Focus on only taking the essentials with your new everyday carry wallet.

After purging your old wallet you may feel your newminimalist walletmay feel tiny in your pocket. Trust us here, give it a week and you will be hooked. Thefront pocket carrywill revolutionize your systems and provide a freeing feeling of lightweight travel. You may notice a spring in your step, arriving to your daily commute 10 seconds faster or paying for groceries even quicker than usual because of your newTrayvax wallet.We would love to hear how much you are enjoying it!


Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator
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3 Responses

Jesse Hoffman
Jesse Hoffman

January 07, 2020

Just got my Element last night as well as the promotional Summit. Very pleased with the features and fit, and it’s definitely got the look. The Element fit my needs extremely well and I’m excited to get it broken in. The summit will be holding my hunting licenses and tags. Great product and fantastic customer service. Thank you!

Brian Zig
Brian Zig

January 06, 2020

Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your experience using our products! Locking in “your essentials” is the key to enhancing a minimalist wallet. Glad your son was able to benefit as well – how is his experience with it?

Michael Aldridge
Michael Aldridge

January 06, 2020

When I received my 2.0, it came with an extra wallet that I gifted to my son. It does take a while to figure out what you really need, the essentials. Once you have that figured out, you have an awesome wallet with the bare necessities. Loving my 2.0!

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