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"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New Years Day."

This quote has raced across my mind as the morning alarm rings true. It was written on a motivational board I pass by daily for the first week of the new decade. A new year allows for us to look back on where we came from, the present we find ourself and the future that we seek. With that comes the responsibility to become better than who we were yesterday. The same goes for a growing company. At Trayvax we are consistently working to be transparent, striving to be a better company then we were yesterday and creating new opportunity for our consumers! Consistent work turns into progress and eventually a system has formed to produce growth. Like a river through a canyon, the consistent flow of water has created the canyon. Water simply will not stop which overtime breaks away at the rock. Follow through is directly correlated with accomplishing your goals. Establish a starting point and go for it!


Whether we are a week into the new year, 6 months or a month away from 2021 we would love to hear your resolution progress!
Setting a resolution is accompanied with the responsibility to follow through. If we set a goal for ourselves, it is up to us to make the plan and then act upon it. 
Every employee at Trayvax is held to this standard. We create a metric to gauge success depending on department and then place an updated graph for the whole company to see. Tracking success, holding ourselves accountable & confirming we followed through on our goal will keep everyone at Trayvax motivated for years to come. 

A company philosophy is deeply rooted with its founding story. It is obvious that Trayvax holds itself at a high level of accountability, in all facets, when our founder continues to push his own potential. Mark founded Trayvax in 2013 with a single wallet design. Today, Trayvax, is much more than a wallet company. We create minimalist products with the mission to create 5000 American jobs. In order to do this we must continue to set goals, make a plan and track progress. Mark continues to push his own personal resolutions as we head into the new decade. If you missed it, check out the video of Mark publicly displaying his 2020 ambitions & a special note from our CEO. Putting your goals out there may seem like the hardest part but soon you may realize it is one of your best tools. Enjoy 2020! 

Mark's 2020 Resolutions:
1.Cut down trees in the woods and hand make a log cabin couch.
2.Attend Harvard business school stage
3.Read 24 books. Business, phycology/sociology, relationships, communication, negotiation, leadership.
4.Attend MIT Sloan business school stage
5.Start a new company, Water-Core inc. to provide shower systems to homeless in cities.

"Have a wonderful new year and I wish you the best in tackling your 2020 resolutions. Every great journey begins with a slightly unprepared first step. It may seem messy, it probably is, but don’t mind what they think. You’re only 3 committed decisions away from becoming the best version of you. You’re worth it and wherever you are, believe in who you’re becoming more than who you were." -Mark King



Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator
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