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Develop Systems

Implementing ways to do more with less is a minimalist trait Trayvax strives to embody. We do this by inventing systems that deliver results. 

Opening the warehouse doors back up on June 8th came with multiple uncertainties. We were asked to close up shop May 19th by the Emergency Operation Center’s 20-25 Proclamation Compliance Response Team- check out the June Ops Update

We still accepted orders during those three weeks of a full operational shutdown. This set the stage for long shipping times; lacking hands to assemble everyday carry gear and materials to build certain products, we were set back over 30 days to get an unfulfilled order delivered. 

By July, our new systems had been put in place & proven to be effective. Allowing employees to hand-assemble minimalist products from home. We slowly started catching up on unfulfilled orders. Check out how the system works in the video below.

We empathize with our customers; adapting to the new norms has been difficult. Through this process we have sought out transparency by showing the path we are taking to resolution. All of this comes with good news...



The Good News:

Health and safety has been our main priority in the new-era of American Manufacturing. We thank our valued employees that show up everyday holding relentlessly high standards for the minimalist products we create. 

We are excited to announce the newly implemented manufacturing systems have caught up to a 10 business day shipping estimate! We are constantly fine tuning these new systems. In the coming weeks, we expect to get back to our standard 5-10 business day turn around time.

At this time, we still are working to get all the unfulfilled orders from the June shutdown out the door as quick as possible. The customer patiently waiting for their delayed order should have it in 10 business days! Obviously, shipping times will vary based on location.

Upon placing an ORDER TODAY expect to receive your product in approximately 10 business days.



Product Availability Updates:

  1. The SUMMIT NOTEBOOK BUNDLE is now available!
  2. The BRASS is back! Check the the popular Contour, now available in brass metal
  3. Burgundy leather is in LIMITED supply, when we run out it will be momentarily discontinued!
  4. Tobacco Brown leather is in LIMITED supply, we are restocking this option. 
  5. EXPECT INCREASE SHIPPING TIMES for Tobacco Brown leather products, Black & Grey buckle options for Cinch Belts and Melonite Carabiners on our Keyton & Link EDC Lanyard 

    We update our Online Store daily, if you have questions or concerns contact us at support@trayvax.comExpect a response from within 24hrs.

    Continuing to Grow

    As a United States manufacturing facility, we pride ourselves in creating American jobsOur employees are members of the community, your neighbor or friend. Without the courage to face an uphill battle of unfulfilled orders as a team, this update would not be possible. It is the ability to step up while surviving hard times that will allow us to grow our longevity as a company. 

    While we continue to learn, we will never stop improving and are committed to build out systems that deliver results. This will not be the last time we see a hardship as a company. For it is these learning experiences that will provide the foundational steps to our success.

    We thank you for being along for the ride.


    Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator

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    2 Responses

    Adrian V
    Adrian V

    September 01, 2020

    Hopefully you guys are still considering custom engraving! Will immediately buy a contour with a doubt once that option is available :D

    Phil Kisner
    Phil Kisner

    August 23, 2020

    Thanks for the update ,buying your product because it’s made in USA

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