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Why a Wallet is Hurting Your Back: Converting to a Front Pocket Carry

Stop sitting on your wallet, it is diminishing your long term health.

A foundational routine is productive for crushing out the to-do list week after week. But a great routine is constantly improved upon and fine-tuned to maximize the balance between work and play. When was the last time you asked "why am I doing this?"

Well... why are you putting your wallet in your back pocket if there is evidence proving it is detrimental to your health?

Why Your Wallet is Hurting Your Back: The Proof

The US National Library of Medicine: National Institutes of Health released this case study on wallet neuritis. Professionals take the privilege of demonstrating wallet neuritis as an example of peripheral sensitization.

Check out the full case study on wallet neuritis here.

Their conclusion was "long-standing use of a rear pocket wallet may compress and sensitize ipsilateral sciatic nerve, generating features resembling lumbago sciatica; thereby, remains a source of patients’ misery and diagnostic illusion for pain physicians as well."

In simple terms - consistently sitting on a wallet in your back pocket causes the sciatica nerve to become pinched. This eventually kills the nerve, which sparks major back pain.

Each day we can and should be actively taking steps to becoming a healthier version of ourselves. With that comes the responsibility to accept something you do as a “bad habit” and passionately take the steps necessary to transition to a better you. Each day provides the opportunity to become a better version of who you were yesterday.

A photo diagram of the long term health concerns correlated to sitting on your wallet example below.


Putting Conveniences Aside and Focusing on Health Facts

Doing away with a bulky wallet and replacing it with a front pocket carry wallet is harder than you may think. I was inspired to write this post because a close friend I gifted a Trayvax Wallet refused to make the switch. An exact quote he would say “You know how much I hate the front pocket carry?”

The evidence is there so I constantly nag him about making the switch. Lower back pain does not come from an afternoon sitting uncomfortably on a thick wallet. It comes from years of doing that same way, over and over again. Commuting to work, sitting at work all day and then sitting around the fire pit with friends - where is your wallet? 

“Long-standing fatty wallet sitting exposes piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve vicinity under overwhelming stretch, generating ipsilateral low back ache and radiating lower extremity pain of twinge character; henceforth the condition sometimes termed as back pocket sciatica”. 

Make the conscious move to the front pocket carry, your sciatica nerve will be thankful.

Making the Switch: Going on a Wallet Diet

Transition from a fat wallet to a slim wallet profile is an adjustment. We made convenient guides to slim down your wallet, how to use a minimalist wallet and tips on traveling light.

Have you made the switch? We love hearing personal experiences on things that worked for you, major hurdles to overcome and tips for our amazing customer base!

At first, you may feel slightly vulnerable. If you have been carrying around a bulky wallet for the past ten years, you might feel like “something is missing”. The panic thought of “where is my wallet!?”

Do not fret, this is how everyone feels at first. Soon you will love the quick access card slots, the effective money clip and sleek design of an everyday carry that feels good in your hand. And most importantly in your front pocket.



Trayvax makes products to last a lifetime - which means there is a chance this EDC leather wallet could be the last wallet you buy. Upon weeks of use it will form a custom patina unique to your lifestyleWe hope that you notice a more effective routine, the convenience of the front pocket carry access and the pain relief from not sitting on a wallet your entire life. This case study was approved and published by a reputable source December 2018.

Embrace the change.

-Sitting on your wallet creates permanent nerve damage in your back
-Analyze the truth to initiate change
-Switching to a minimalist, front pocket carry wallet is healthier 
-Make the conscious decision to stop sitting on your wallet


Siddiq, Md Abu Bakar, et al. “Wallet Neuritis - An Example of Peripheral Sensitization.”Current Rheumatology Reviews, Bentham Science Publishers, 2018, www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6204659/.

Why You Shouldn't Sit on Your Wallet

Can a Slim Wallet Really Help Your Back?



Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator


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Mike Bohling
Mike Bohling

April 19, 2021

Using the 2.0 wallet for front pocket carry has made a positive difference with my back problems ! Thanks

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