Traveling Light: 5 Tips For the Everyday Carry


Traveling Light: 5 Tips for Moving Faster 

Each day we kick start a routine that brings us on our way. Traveling to work and back every day might be easy for you now but I bet it is the result of a fine tuned routine.

Traveling light is simply that, fine tuning your everyday carry. Go as light as you can without compromising any must haves. What do you bring with you every day? 

This will vary between each unique individual but we all have our own list. Below is a few tips for making life easier.

5 Tips for the Everyday Carry

1. Buy Gear that Lasts

If someone is buying an item that they plan on using for years to come, trust us here, the investment pays for itself. It is disheartening when buying a piece of gear, getting excited about having it and a month into using the product threading starts coming out. The feeling of "I should have bought something different" ensues as you look for a replacement. 

Stop buying replacements! Buy gear that will last as an everyday carry, if nothing less it will make a good hand me down decades to come.



2. Choosing Your "Everyday Carry" Device(s)

Whether it is a purse, wallet or fanny pack... we all have baggage. Having your everyday carry devices fine tuned like your routine will make traveling light faster. This could include convenient pockets for your phone or keys, a place to put your water bottle or even having a bottle opener on your minimalist wallet

Knowing your routine will help in deciding which intuitive gear works best for you. Buying durable, long-lasting gear will make your already existing routine that much faster.

3. Bringing Only What You Need

Learning to ask "why" do I have this thing will help in having less stuff. Traveling light starts with only bringing the essentials. As you go through your routine each day focus on the items you consistently are grabbing for versus the ones you push out of the way. 

This could be old business cards in your wallet or crumbled lip balm in your bag.  There is no reason to slow down your everyday carry with wasted weight.


4. Pack Smart

Traveling teaches us experience, each time we acquire knowledge and how to travel more efficiently. Learning to bring less is a trained skill because we all want to be ready for any situation. 

Running through a quick packing list each time you head on an activity is a good life lesson. The order in which you arrange items will maximize the efficiency in which you can execute, pack light & consider using packing cubes. Creating systems for everything down to your wallets card order will allow you to know where your license or credit card is at all times.

5. Weekly Cleanout

Taking everything out of your everyday carry will help you slim down your wallet. The items that make the cut each week are your "must haves", everything else should be on the chopping block each time you leave home. Learning to do a weekly purge will get that crunched up granola bar wrapper out of your bag.


Go as light as you can without sacrificing anything. Traveling light each day is an acquired skill, just as your routine was. Tweaking these skills takes practice, just as replacing products that have longevity takes time. Traveling light with a fine tuned everyday carry will make you move faster, maximizing your effectiveness and leaving you with more time to decide on that next trip to take.


  1. Buying gear that last
  2. Choosing a Carrying device
  3. Bringing only what you need
  4. Pack Smart
  5. Weekly Cleanout


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