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What is a first responder?

'Imagine it being your primary occupational obligation to run into a place that everyone else is attempting to run away from ... that is a first responder. When a building catches fire we depend on firemen to put it out. When a loved one has an unexpected health condition an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) will be on scene in minutes. For many of us these may be worst-case-scenario thoughts, but for our first responders this is an everyday occurrence. For it is in times of chaos that we depend on them most.' 



First Responder Definition:
Defined by Merriam-Webster as "a person (such as a police officer or an EMT) who is among those responsible for going immediately to the scene of an accident or emergency to provide assistance." More than immediately responding to the scene first responders need to act. Chaos ensues after emergencies and first responders need to make split seconds decisions, peoples lives depend on it. This takes a toll on first responders because everyone can not be saved. 

Who are first responders?
First responders are our next door neighbor, maybe relative or a best friend. Modern first responders are the watchful protectors of the neighborhood. The ones we call when everything has gone wrong. First responders show up to places that most would run away from. First responders take care of us when life deals us an unfortunate hand. 


We Need First Responders!
Without first responders our world would not exist as it does today. Going outside would be scarier than being lost in the vast wilderness. Time would rewind to a point that civilization did not have a desire for community. First responders is a direct representation of a community that is thriving. Unfortunately, there are still parts of our world that a community does not have the comfort of depending on a first responder. Instead it is up to that individual to provide for themselves. Knowing a first responder can be on scene within minutes is a comfort we live with but most do not think of on a daily basis. Without first responders we would not be a thriving civilization that continues to evolve. The next time you are in a rush and need to make way for a firetruck or ambulance just remember those first responders do not have seconds to spare. After all, someone's life could be determined by it!


At Trayvax we take pride in knowing that our products are accompanying first responders when they find themselves in dire situations. It’s one of many reasons why we use the most durable products on the market. If you are a first responder using Trayvax gear we would love to hear about your experience using our products. If it has made your occupation easier we would love to hear how! We honor first responders!


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