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A few decades ago, if a thief attempted to steal your information, they would need to get their hands in your pocket physically, but as technology advances, pickpocketing is a thing of the past; credit card thieves have unfortunately advanced with the times. While equipped with an RFID scanner, a person can steal your credit cards, gate-access cards, or even your driver's license information. If you recently learned how RFID works, you may be concerned about a stranger compromising your personal information without physically touching you. We are here to help make products that maximize your RFID blocking ability, keeping your data safe for years to come.

RFID Blocking Defined

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking refers to products that protect your cards that have RFID tags. Modern-day credit cards, also known as "smart cards," have an RFID chip inside of them to make transactions faster. Who likes waiting in line anyways?

All RFID blocking wallets range in terms of their protection. What determines the RFID protection level is the materials used on the wallet. Steel and aluminum materials will have the highest form of protection against data theft—for example, our Armored Summit Wallet offers a 95% protection rate against data fraud. Our ultra-thin steel wallet can protect up to eight cards at once.

Armored Summit Wallet

Reasons To Protect Against RFID Fraud

As a civilization, we depend on technology more each day. We value time and efficiency more than ever; if there is a better way to complete a task, we take that route. As we evolve, RFID will become more widely used, credit card companies will issue more smart cards, and more apartment buildings will use RFID tags to provide entry instead of a traditional lock and key. I've lived in an apartment with an RFID tagged key without knowing it could have been compromised. Education is critical; find out how RFID works and if you have RFID tags in your everyday life that require protection. RFID keys are commonly used in high-security occupations, hospitals, and government agencies. Chances are, if you are using an RFID card to access a secure area, you have been warned to use RFID blocking products!

Taking Steps to Protect Your Information

No one likes being stolen from. Just as you would lock your door after leaving home to prevent anyone from entering while you're away, your RFID cards are begging for the same attention. If you have RFID tags in your life in need of protection you'll want to know where to buy an RFID wallet. When purchasing an RFID wallet make sure it provides the level of security you are searching for. Each company advertising RFID wallets should back that statement with RFID Protection Test Results. If the wallet you are looking to buy is "RFID Blocking" but there is no evidence to back up that claim be wary.

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking refers to products that protect your cards that have RFID tags.
  • RFID widely used in major credit cards and modern living
  • If you have RFID tags in your life in need of protection you'll want to know where to buy an RFID wallet.

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Anne Annie
Anne Annie

April 19, 2021

I once lost money from my card in a weird way but the bank told me that it could be that someone “scanned” my card from a distance. Sounded weird and unreal but I read similar cases online. Since I do not want to risk again, I just bought an RFID pouch from Silent pocket and I now feel much better and safe.

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