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What is the Earn Your Story Series?

Get out there. In order to Earn Your Story sometimes it requires leaving everything else behind in order to learn something about yourself. This requires us to push ourselves, to challenge ourselves and force ourselves to be a little uncomfortable.

If we put in the hard work we will gain the amazing experience waiting for us on the other side. Compromising the process only compromises the reason for venturing outside in the first place. It is the split-second moments of natural bliss that we all seek and only comes with the dedication to creating your own story.

The world offers an endless stream of pure, raw beauty. We are all in this together, we want to encourage others to seek out things that push growth forward. The Earn Your Story Video Series was created to give an insider look at the explorers who are living out their story.

We caught up with Erik and Robin, two best friends who push each other to do adventurous activities. They have created “Everything Day”, a day devoted to attempting as many activities as possible in a single day. 

Watch as they attempt Everything Day.

What is Everything Day?

Paragliding, rock climbing, biking, cliff jumping - how many activities can two friends fit into a day?

This weeks Earn your Story video features friends, Erik and Robin, who sought out this answer. To see how much they can squeeze into one day, one big day. They got this idea because it is an end of an era. Robin bought a van, converted it into a camper and is hitting the road next week. To celebrate this milestone they created “Everything Day.”

“I definitely expect us to run into some challenges with this big day. You can have the greatest days and then you can have the most terrifying days. They can definitely go wrong very quickly.”

Finding your why. 

Many of us go through life unaware of the changes that are taking place day to day. We acquire skills along the way equipping us for the life we desire. When someone, something or a situation knocks us down we have two options. Stay down or stand back up and keep moving. But why stand back up?

That is what we need to figure out, our ‘why’.

People who seek out type two activities for enjoyment understand one very true fact. That the process is the prize - that true struggle is the reward. Struggle is avoided for obvious reasons by others, but true explorers understand that struggle is the key to figuring out our ‘why’ and discovering new realms of ourselves. Your attitude under pressure is one of the most real true insights to your character.

Embrace the struggle.


Signing off.

Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator


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