Happy Holidays From Trayvax - Welcoming 2021


Operations Update

2020 has been anything but easy for the world as a whole. Dealing with a global pandemic challenged us to innovate new ways to run a business. From vendor delays to being forced to close our warehouse doors from mid-March to June 8th; we have grown and learned a lot from the past twelve months.

Sometimes in the heat of the moment it is hard to understand why difficult things are happening to us. At first, we all feared how we were going to keep operations running smoothly. Employees were not allowed in the warehouse. Our American vendors were not responding or shipping materials due to the shutdown. All the while we had orders coming in each day.

Upon reflection, this provided tunnel vision to what matters most - the customer. Everything else fell to the wayside. We had to create new ways to ship products and we became innovative on how employees can build products from home. Employees spending time on anything else was redirected to exploring new ways to get products out the door. Providing an amazing customer experience is the standard we expect at Trayvax. This struggle refocused that.

Reflecting on the past year

Each year Mark encourages himself, and everyone around him, to set a resolution around the New Year. This pushes us to look inward and bring goals we want to achieve in the next 365 days to the surface. This can be an opportunity to pick up that hobby you’ve always wanted to try, focusing on your health, or building a foundational career. We all want something out of life but it is up to us to go out and get it.

What intentions do you have for 2021? Did you set intentions in 2020, if so did you fulfill them? If you did not - how are you going to accomplish them in 2021?

As a company we strived to successfully create and launch several products in 2020. Unfortunately, the year had different plans for us. We successfully created the Trayvax Carabiner out of our most durable metals we have, but our hopes last year at this time were much higher. That is okay. We are ready for 2021 - and excited about announcing new products to our customer base in the coming months. 

Following Through

Showing up when times get tough can be the hardest part about life. Same goes for business, when everything seems to be going against the grain the true colors come out. It is up to us as individuals to respond to struggle in a positive way for the betterment of the organization. We all have a part in this, whether it is a company we are working for, a personal relationship or the daily struggles we all face - we all can do something about it. Show up when times get tough.

From everyone at Trayvax - we wish your family and friends a healthy and ambitious New Year.

Happy 2021!


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