Why Do Most Women Have A Small Purse Inside A Big Purse?

Why Do Most Women Have A Small Purse Inside A Big Purse?

Purses are for women and wallets are for men. That's something that we all know and understand, don't we?

Wallets have, comparatively speaking, limited usability as compared to purses. While the latter can be used to put in just about any everyday item or accessory, the former is strictly for things like cards and cash. If something unusual or large ends up in one of the pockets, it becomes a cause for concern.

Due to the fact that you can reserve it exclusively for cards and cash, carrying a wallet can be very convenient. And that is basically why women have a small purse inside a large one. The smaller one serves the same purpose as wallets do for men, providing an exclusive space for bills, receipts, and bank cards.

Why Do Most Women Have a Small Purse Inside a Large One?

Purses by default are big and spacious, and there is a whole glut of things that one can put in them like jewelry, pocket mirrors, phones, accessories, etc. Now, when you have to take out some cash that's lying buried underneath all that mess, it's going to take some time. It'll become a hassle before long too.

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Separate Cash Space

The ideal solution in these types of cases is to have a small wallet with zipper placed inside the larger bag. It can even be a slim minimalist wallet. If you put any of these in your main purse, you will be able to store your cards and cash in a separate and easily accessible place.

Keeping Money Safe

Another benefit of having a separate case is that the bills don't get damaged. If you were to put your loose cash directly in your handbag, it would get crumpled up and worn out. It may even tear, which will render it completely useless. With a separate minimalist wallet, however, you can avoid this and keep your bills fresh and crisp.

Similarly, bank cards can also get scratched and warped if they are carelessly thrown amidst other items inside the bag.

What Types of Wallets Can Women Keep Inside their Purse?

While it is more common to have small purses inside large ones, you can substitute them with a sleek front pocket wallet instead. The main purpose is to give your money a separate space and that can be achieved by this alternative as well.

The Trayvax Contour and Ascent are both excellent choices in this regard. They're made with a sleek form factor and are easy to carry around. They can be kept in larger bags and purses without being too bulky or cumbersome.

Alternatively, if your main bag is a big ole tote, you can even use a smaller wristlet for serving the same purpose. While wristlets themselves fall in the category of purses, they are a bit on the smaller side. In comparison to larger tote and weekend bags, their size is closer to that of wallets.

On the contrary, if your main purse is a wristlet and you already have a limited space to put your belongings, you can use a cardholder or a card case instead of both the aforementioned options. These holders/cases are usually very thin and sleek, and they can give an even more compact experience than slim wallets (like the ones offered by Trayvax).

Is it Necessary to Keep a Smaller Purse in a Larger One?

Reading all the above could have led you to think that it is absolutely necessary to keep a smaller and dedicated space for your cards and cash. This isn't remotely true. While there is convenience and ease in doing so, there are other methods that you can opt for to make sure that your bills and cards are safe and easily accessible.

If your handbag comes with existing pockets and slots, you can use them for keeping your money instead. It can be helpful if there is a section that opens and closes with a zipper because then there is a lesser chance of the stuff from coming out and blending in with the other items.


Keeping a small purse within a large one can be convenient and helpful. It is a great way to keep your belongings neat and organized, and it can also help you find your things quickly. You can find yourself in all sorts of situations where you don't have the time to dig around in your bag for a couple of minutes. If you have a separate pouch or case with your bank card and some bills in it, you'll be able to pay up quickly and avoid unnecessary hassle.

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