Benefits of ID Wallet Lanyard

Benefits of ID Wallet Lanyard

Well, it's actually exactly what it sounds like; a slim minimalist wallet designed to hold ID cards (such as driver's licenses, national ID cards, and so on). You can also find some of these to have additional slots for bank cards and folded bills. Opting for one that has additional slots and card spaces is an excellent idea since you'll be able to put all your stuff in one place and not have to worry about carrying around an extra billfold or cardholder.

At Trayvax, you won't find a simple ID wallet but there are other slim options, like the Armored Summit and Axis, which are suitable, too. 

armored summit slim wallet ID cards

What is a Lanyard?

In our context, a lanyard is a cord or a strap that is attached to a wallet, which makes it easier to carry. Some products come with a keychain accessories attachment point which can be used for fixing the lanyard.

Using the strap/cord, you can wear the wallet around your neck. If you happen to be traveling to an unknown place, getting this contraption can help you tuck your precious cards and bills away under your shirt to keep them out of sight.

There are some other perks as well, which are discussed hereunder.

What are the Advantages and Benefits?

You could be thinking: what is the reason for getting one of these when I already have a front pocket wallet?

There are actually quite a few benefits to using a lanyard wallet. Here are some of them:

Small and Compact

The first benefit of using these wallets is that they are much smaller and compact as compared to traditional bi-folds. In fact, ID wallets are usually even more minimalist than some slim wallets for men like the Contour and Ascent.

The reason for their smaller form-factor is that they are primarily designed to hold slim and sleek cards, and nothing more. While some people may opt to use these types of wallets for holding keys or folded up bills, their design is not typically made to accommodate these types of items.

lanyard carabiner clip

Secure Storing

As mentioned earlier in this post, wallets with lanyards can be tucked away securely. This can be a good measure to take if you are traveling somewhere unknown. Pickpockets and thieves can take advantage of unwary travelers and make away with their wallets. But if you are wearing yours around the neck, it will not be as easy to steal.

Even if you don't want to keep everything tucked down away from sight, you can choose to store a few essential and backup items in case something happens to your main pocketbook.

Easy to access

If you are, throughout your day, repeatedly required to pull out your ID or your license, it can be cumbersome to go digging through your bi-folds pockets every time. The small and compact ID holder usually has a transparent side. You can put your frequently-needed card against the see-through surface and simply hold it up whenever needed.

Ideal Choice to go Minimalistic

For someone who is not a fan of bulky pockets and large billfolds, going small and minimalistic is a good recommendation. While that is also achievable with the type of slim products offered by Trayvax, it's easier done by opting for an ID case instead. You'll be able to avoid accumulating unneeded receipts, business cards, and other random paraphernalia in your pockets.

Products by Trayvax

If you happen to own a Trayvax product already, check and see if it comes with an in-built attachment point. Most of the items offered by the brand do come with one. For example, the Contour, Axis, Element, and Ascent; all come with a small perforation at one end. You can use this attachment point to add your own custom strap/cord. For this purpose, you can make use of a small clip keychain or something similar.

With this DIY solution, you won't have to worry about getting a new card case. Although your make-shift one won't be as slim, it will still be a close and adequate alternative.


And that's about it. Lanyard ID wallets are a good way to reduce the number of items for everyday carrying. People who aren't bothered to empty out their wallets every now and then can get all sorts of rubbish and useless items in the pockets of their billfold.

Apart from this, there is a range of other benefits as well, a few of which we discussed in the post above.

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