What Should People Carry In Their Pockets At All Times?

What Should People Carry In Their Pockets At All Times?

While there are a few things that you occasionally put in your pockets and often leave out, there are some items that should always be on your person no matter what. And that just doesn't include your front pocket wallet. In this post, we are going to look at some of the essentials that you should always take care to carry with you when going out.


First things first, and that's your wallet. Even if some of the other important items are left out, you can avoid considerable trouble and hassle if you had remembered to pick up your wallet.

Your wallet is where you keep your cash, cards, IDs, and other important documents. Carrying an adequate amount of cash/cards is important in case you need to make a purchase quickly. You could run out of gas, get thirsty, or you may need to cough up some change for the parking meter. If you have some money with you at all times, you will be able to avoid unnecessary stress and worry in these types of situations.

Then, there are your documents and IDs. If you are going somewhere in your car, be sure to pick up your driver's license. If you are pulled over and you don't have it on you, it could mean trouble.

If you are in the habit of using a slim minimalist wallet (like the Trayvax Axis or Contour), carrying it could be a lot easier because of the small and compact form factor.

contour wallet

Cell Phone

Carrying your cell phone with you is always a good idea if you are going out for a long while. Trips to the corner store or around the block are still manageable without it, but for longer excursions, be sure to take your phone along. You can be faced with any emergency, for which you may have to call rescue services or any of your family members.

If you are planning on going somewhere a little unknown, having your phone with can be a help with the navigation as well. If you happen to get lost, you can open up the maps application and see your way back home.


The next thing you need to make sure is in your pockets is your set of keys. This would normally include your house keys, car keys, bike keys, and so on. It's advisable to keep all your keys together in a bunch using a clip keychain or something similar.

clip keychain

If you live alone, forgetting your house keys can be disastrous. It's a different story if there are other people in your home because then you can simply ring the bell and get yourself inside. But for lone folks, it is imperative to have house keys whenever going out.

With wallets that come with a key ring holder, it is much easier to stay unseparated with your keys.


This one is, although it may not sound like it, very important as well. Keeping some tissues, napkins, or handkerchief in your pocket is something that you can easily forget about, but deeply regret afterward. If you are in a crowded place and you happen to get a fit of sneezing, you're going to be glad you remembered to keep a hanky with you.

And other than this sort of scenario, there are a lot of other situations where you may need to clean or wipe something. That's where hankies come in handy. You can fold and store one in your wallet with zipper so that you don't have to look for it every time you have to go out.


This one depends on who you are, where you are going, and when you are planning on leaving your house. Keeping a pocket knife on your person can be very useful. The reasons and scenarios in which they are needed aren't very pleasant to describe or imagine, but suffice it to understand that anything can happen for which you could need something sharp or pointed. It could be a medical emergency, accident-related scenarios, and whatnot.

It should be borne in mind that pocket knives aren't made to be used as weapons. Although small, it is still, after all a knife.


If you feel as if you are forgetting to put something in your pockets when going out, do a check-off from this list. Keys, phones, wallets, and hankies are the usual items that you should always carry around with you. One good way of giving yourself a reminder is to tape a piece of paper on your front door with all the things mentioned on it. Every time you have to leave, you will automatically catch sight of the list and do a double-check.

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