Women's Wristlets: Shop Small Wallets & Purses

Women's Wristlets: Shop Small Wallets & Purses

Wristlets are small purses that are made to be carried on the wrist. Where bigger handbags and totes are worn slung on the shoulder or held hanging from the hand, wristlets, due to their small size, can be slipped on the lower arm, where they can sit securely.

In the context of wallets, a wristlet is like a front pocket wallet, whereas larger purses are like traditional bi-folds and tri-folds.

Why should you use a Wristlet?

There are quite a few benefits in using a wristlet over other larger types of purses and bags. Here are some of them:

Smaller size

First thing first, and that's the compact size. People who don't like to carry around, or even keep, larger bags can opt for a wristlet instead. Apart from being bulky and difficult to carry, a big bag can also get messy real quick. Since they have a lot of space and capacity, it is easy to put something in them and then completely forget about it. Gradually, this can result in a whole mess of redundant things getting collected in the bag.

roam mini wristlet

With smaller wristlets, getting this sort of mess in there is not very possible since the space is so limited. But, there is usually enough of it for you to put in a fair number of small-sized belongings along with a slim minimalist wallet, like the Trayvax Contour or Original 2.0.

Easier to carry

The next advantage of using these smaller products is that they are easy to carry. The smaller size means lesser weight, which is, in turn, less of a bother to carry around. If you need to travel somewhere, you can keep your wristlet easily inside any of your suitcases since they take up so little space. This isn't as simply done with totes and weekend bags.

A good alternative for wallets

This one's a little interesting.

Women usually keep a small purse inside their main, larger one. The purpose is basically to separate the cash and cards from the other belongings. For normal-sized handbags, a pouch or wallet with a zipper can be used. But for large weekend bags and totes, these types of smaller wallets and purses may be a tad too small. In these cases, a wristlet is the next best option.

Although wristlets themselves are classified as actual, full-sized purses, they can be used as 'mini' ones by people who own larger bags and totes.

Great way to carry less

If you are in the uncomfortable habit of storing way too many things in your purse, you can try switching to something smaller. That way, you will learn how to keep just the essentials and not stuff the bags to full capacity.

This is, furthermore, a good way to keep your belongings organized. If you have a big handbag, chances are that you could put something a little important in there and then forget about it later on. Afterward, you could exhaust yourself looking for it but to no avail.

Easily accessible

Another way that you can use wristlets is to keep one alongside your primary, big handbag. In the latter, you can store precious and valuable items that you don't use very frequently, while the former could be dedicated to everyday paraphernalia.

In this way, you won't have to worry about extracting your tote from the cupboard every time you need to bring out some money or a bank card. You can keep the smaller one in a prominent and easily accessible spot, and use it for your immediate needs.

What to Look For When Making a Purchase?

Here are some things that you should check when buying, not only wristlets but all sorts of purses.


The purse should be of tough and durable material. Leather and suede are some of the more lasting and aesthetic options.

Pockets and Slots

Having some existing spaces and pockets on the inside can be very convenient. You can separate and categorize your belongings for easier sorting.

Make and Manufacturing

The manufacturing of the product is also an important aspect to pay attention to. It isn't enough for the material to be tough and durable. The stitches and seams should be strong and sturdy as well.


Small and minimalist purses are great for people who only need to carry their bare essentials. They are less prone to get messy and cluttered and are easy to store inside larger bags. If you already own a handbag, you can get a wristlet to act as a minimalist wallet by using it for getting instant cash and easy access to bank cards.

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