What Would You Do Without Pockets?

What Would You Do Without Pockets?

Have you ever imagined how life used to be during the “pre-pocket” age about 500 years ago? How did people carry their essentials without a pocket? Of course, we can argue that back then they didn’t have car keys, smartphones, credit cards, and other things you’d find in people’s pockets today.

But what if you were to find yourself without pockets, would you ditch your slim minimalist wallet for a fat old school wallet like the type of our forefathers? There are so many ways you can carry your essentials if you didn’t have pockets. Let’s look at these five practical ways.

Five Practical Ways To Live Without Pockets

Clothing fashion tends to change so fast; you don’t know when pants without pockets can start trending again. Even if that can never happen, if you’re a free-spirited guy and won’t mind clothes without pockets, here are a few ways to make it through the day.


We’re all familiar with most women’s clothing having no pockets, but they still manage to live through their day. That’s because they have their handbags, some of which can be enormous with lots of things, from their make-up kits, purse, phone, credit cards, to money, and spare shoes.

In the same way, men can also change to a lifestyle of depending on backpacks. Drawstring backpacks are great for carrying day-to-day items, such as phones, keys, and fat or slim wallets. They’re lightweight and a quick alternative to the heavy cumbersome multi-pocket backpacks. 

They can also add style to your outlook if your secure your trouser with black cinch belt  and your backpack on you.

wallet backpack pocket

Clutches for women

Clutches are a great alternative to carrying handbags and backpacks. Most are lightweight with soft interiors featuring several inner pockets to separate your stuff. They’re often part of an evening ensemble, but they can also be worn during daytime hours for less formal occasions.

Most women's clothing come without pockets so, a clutch such as the Trayvax Roam Clutch is a handy solution for carrying all their essentials. This clutch has a large pouch for carrying a phone, discreet mini pockets to carry other stuff like keys and Chapstick, and sizeable enough to carry bills and 12 cards. Also, it comes with four attachment points for attaching shoulder straps to carry it along.

roam clutch leather purse shoulder strap

Belt bags

Need something unisex with multiple pockets and comfortable? Belt bags, also known as fanny packs, are excellent. Their comfort comes from the fact that you won’t be dealing with something swinging on your shoulder or back.

You can use a belt bag to hold more than just your wallet and phone. For some, it's a batman utility belt, for others, it's a go-to purse. And even if you have pockets, you may find that you prefer a belt bag. They’re mostly spacious and come in handy if carrying a metal money clip card holder in pockets isn’t an option. It can also comfortably fit a Trayvax Roam Mini Clutch and still have plenty of room for your cell phone.

Since belt bags are unisex, men can also use them to carry their wallets, phones, and spare keys. If you were to live without pockets, fanny packs would be a real lifesaver.

Keychain with a carabiner

This sounds awkward but yes, you can use a carabiner clip keychain to carry a wallet that has attachment points. keychains are very handy and can help you hang stuff such as your phone with an attachment case, keys, among others.

For a wallet with an attachment point, the Trayvax Contour Wallet is an excellent option. It’s a minimalist metal wallet with plenty of amazing features. It consists of a CNC machined plate with a durable PVD coating for extended durability. Its attachment point comes in handy to attach it to a keychain. You can carry up to 13 cards and 10 folded bills and still look stylish.

Arm Bands

An armband is nothing but an elastic band that you can strap on your arm to hold your essentials, particularly your phone. They come in varying sizes, so make sure you get one that best fits you without squeezing too much or being too loose.

Even though they’re meant for joggers and runners, it doesn’t hurt to convert your armband for your daily use if you don’t have pockets. That would mean wearing short-sleeved T-shirts and sleeveless tops always. If you were to use an armband to carry your wallet, it’ll have to be a minimalist tactical wallet to fit well.

An excellent choice would be the Trayvax Explorer Passport Wallet, meant for travelers. Just make sure the armband has a cover sealed at the bottom or elastic enough to grip the wallet tightly.

Final thoughts

Life without pockets wouldn’t be so difficult after all! With so many ways to carry your stuff, you certainly can never run out of options. An easier way to go about it is to find a sizeable metal front pocket wallet to carry your cards, folded bills, and IDs then put it in a backpack. Women can go for a Roam Clutch with attachment points for shoulder straps. 

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