How Do You Secure Your Wallet As You Ride a Bike?

How Do You Secure Your Wallet As You Ride a Bike?

For millions of people, riding a bike is one of the most fun and liberating ways to get around. It’s also healthy, cheap, and environmentally friendly. However, biking also comes with its fair share of risks — from getting sweaty and uncomfortable, sustaining injuries in accidents and losing your phone and wallet. So how do you keep your expensive slim minimalist wallet secure while still enjoying the thrill?

6 Ways To Keep Your Wallet Safe While On A Biking Escapade

Whether you ride to work or like to take a break off a busy work life by cycling, one thing is certain – you’ll always need to carry your wallet. Apart from having the Best RFID wallets to keep off identity thieves, you also need to keep the wallet safe cycling.

If you’re not a fan of keeping it in your back pocket while riding, there are plenty of other ways to secure it. Besides, sitting on the bulge created by the wallet on your pant’s back pocket is uncomfortable.

Wear cargo shorts with side pockets

Cargo shorts come in handy, not only when on a hike outdoors but also when riding a bike. The pockets are sizable enough to carry a bulged metal wallet with money clip. But if you like to maintain your style, you can choose a slim minimalist wallet like the Trayvax Ascent Wallet.

ascent wallet slim minimalist pocket

Take caution though, the cargo shorts should have a smooth flexible material so your skin won't be bruised from the constant friction of cycling. If you’re not a cargo pants fan, you can opt for tracksuit pants but with side pockets. They’re more comfortable, soft, and soothing to the skin. Also, have your cargo short tightened with a belt, such as a tactical webbing belt so you can ride freely and securely.

Put your wallet in a backpack or pocket that is attached to your body

Not everyone is at liberty to wear deep-pocketed trousers or shorts. If you’re in that category, then a backpack can work pretty well for you. With a backpack, you’ll get to keep purses and clutches like the Roam Clutch.

Surprisingly, you can use the Trayvax Roam Clutch wallet while riding your bike, thanks to its strong shoulder straps and big size.  With its large phone pouch at the back, you can carry your mobile phone safely too. The wallet can hold up to 12 cards and has several other small discreet pouches for bobby pins and keys. It’s an elegant wallet choice for women bike riders.

Store your wallet or phone in a chamois shirt pocket

If you’re in the category of those who cycle to work in a chamois shirt, you can use the shirt’s front pockets to keep your wallet and other valuables. And for that, you’ll need to switch to a front pocket wallet if you have the traditional ones.

The Original 2.0 Wallet is one of the most robust and minimalist Best RFID wallets. This front pocket wallet has a minimalist profile and will easily fit your shirt pockets without bulging out. It’s also metallic to make it strong and durable against the rough conditions you’ll experience while cycling.

original 2.0 slim wallet pocket

Since you’ll ride through bumps and other hindrances, ensure the chamois shirt has a buttonable cover to prevent the wallet from popping out.

Wear a safety vest with pockets

Apart from making you visible on the road, cyclists' safety vests, especially those with front pockets are ideal when it comes to keeping your wallets safe. Most are normally made with a front pocket sealed through sticky straps.

Take note though, some safety vests don’t have large-sized pockets and you may need to get yourself a smaller wallet that can comfortably fit the pocket. Also, the wallet should be made of leather or plastic to avoid tearing the safety vest pockets. An excellent minimalist leather wallet that can serve you well is the Trayvax Element Wallet, which is made of quality top-grained leather with a metal frame.

Keep your wallet in kangaroo hoody pockets

Hoodies are great when working out whether outdoors or indoors. If cycling in fall or on a cold month, it a hoody will be handy in keeping you warm. Plus, you can use the kangaroo pocket to keep your wallet. In that case, the pocket need needs to be a little deeper with a restrainer at the entrance. That way, the wallet won't fall off easily while cycling.

A nice hoody that’s cozy and with sizable pockets is the Trayvax Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie. It’s made from pure cotton and warm fleece. The pockets are sizeable and strong enough to accommodate even the tough RFID steel wallets.

Use a mini-purse attached to the bike frame 

When out for adventure, you want the best comfort ever with as few items clinging to you as possible. By using a mini-purse such as the Trayvax Roam Clutch with attachment points attached to your bike frame, you can keep your cards, phone, bills, spare keys, and other items safe. Simply replace the long shoulder strap of the wallet with a shorter one and attach it firmly to your bike frame.

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