Why Should You Get A Black Crossbody Bag?

Why Should You Get A Black Crossbody Bag?

What are Crossbody Bags?

The name says it all. Crossbody bags are categorized by their long strap/handle, and the way they’re made to be worn. They’re ideal for carrying small items like your phone, slim minimalist wallet (like the Trayvax Contour or Original 2.0), notebook and pen, water bottles, and maybe even a small-sized lunch. Their compact yet decently spacious design makes them great for taking to work, on day-long trips and visits, or on longer traveling excursions.

original wallet

If you don’t want to for something as large as a full-sized backpack nor do you want to make do with something on the way smaller side (like pouches or waist bags), a crossbody bag could be just the thing you need. Let’s take a look at some other benefits and perks that you can enjoy if you opt for one of these.

Comfortable and Discreet

A desirable quality in bags and carriers is that they should not be too obtrusive or cumbersome. This can be seen excellently in crossbody carriers as they can sit snugly against your hip, leaving you free to use your hands.

There’s also the aspect of comfort. If you sling a carrier from one shoulder and let it hang on the same side, it’s going to start digging in after a while. But with crossbody purses and pokes, this isn’t a problem. Since they are made to go around the body and rest on the other side, there is a much lesser strain on the shoulder.

Easier to Carry and Manage

You’ve probably worn backpacks in the past. What happens when you need to bend to pick something up from the ground? The pack can come tumbling upwards as you go down and end up somewhere on top of your head. With most people, it is somewhat instinctive to always reach up and hold it back whenever bending.

On the other hand, if you are using briefcases and weekenders, you have to hold the handles whenever you want to carry them around. With weekenders and totes, it is possible for women to use their shoulders instead, but even then, one always has to remain conscious that the bag doesn’t come sliding down.

These issues are non-existent when carriers and satchels are worn diagonally across the body. This style of wearing is exceptionally secure and stable, and it saves the person from the trouble of using their hands for holding/bracing ‘em. Furthermore, there is no danger of these bags slipping off since they are worn at an angle and are firmly rested against the body.

roam mini long strap crossbody bag

Great for Everyday Use

Totes and rucksacks can be a little large for everyday use. They can be suitable for traveling occasions and long-term trips, but for simply carrying the essentials (like a tactical wallet, phone, keys, etc.), they can be a bit too much.

Crossbody bags are perfect for people who have trouble fitting their everyday essentials inside their pockets but aren't keen on using large carriers. If a person, for example, has to carry around a minimalist wallet, a notepad, one or two phones, some medication, glasses, and some other similar paraphernalia, then this could be a bit much for their pockets to bear but not too much for a small bag.

Good Alternative to Wallets

What do you usually keep inside your front pocket wallet or full-sized bi-fold? Cash, cards, receipts, IDs, and loose change are some common items that one can find in an average person\'s billfold.

If someone is not comfortable with carrying a bulky wallet and puffing up their pockets, a small-size satchel or bag worn slung across the torso can be a good alternative. Instead of keeping everyday items (like the ones mentioned above) in a wallet, you can put ‘em directly in a small bag.

But, this applies to people who don\'t have any qualms about going around everywhere with a carrier at their side. Some people could find it a bit unsecure and they may prefer to stick to wallets.

While we are on the topic of security, another awesome benefit of crossbody bags is that they’re not that easy to take off with. A briefcase or tote held idly in the hand can be snatched with one swift grab, but that isn’t possible with a carrier that is securely going from one side of your body to the other.


So, what do you think? Buying one of these can bring a positive change in how you carry your belongings around. You could get tired less and spend your day in a relatively more comfortable way as compared to what you would when using a full-sized rucksack or briefcase.

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