How can an ID Wallet Necklace Help Boost your Professionalism

How can an ID Wallet Necklace Help Boost your Professionalism

Are you a busy professional? Do you often find yourself in situations where you have to pull out your ID at the last minute? Do you dislike retrieving your wallet all the time to show your work ID? If your answer is yes, chances are you’re a great candidate for an ID wallet necklace.

While a slim minimalist wallet is attractive, functional, and spacious, it might not be the best solution in situations where you need your work ID on you all the time. If working at a health facility, financial institution, or anywhere else where identification is key, an ID wallet necklace can suit you best.

Still, you’ll need a great-looking front pocket wallet, such as the Trayvax Ascent wallet to keep your cards, bills, and other personal stuff safe. A combination of an ID wallet necklace and this elegant slim wallet will give you that professional look you need.

Advantages of ID wallet necklace to professionals

We’ve put together some of the main advantages of an ID wallet necklace and how it can help show your professionalism.

Eliminates ID misplacement problem

Most people tend to misplace things by simply forgetting where they kept them. If you’re in that category, an ID wallet necklace can help you keep the ID on you so you never have to forget where you kept it.

If you can do this and many other things, such as having designated spots for your items, you can eliminate the forgetfulness problem and that can boost your professional image as a dependable person. Yes, it does sound so simple, only until you’re in that situation. On top of the ID wallet necklace, you can add a carabiner clip keychain to hold all your work-related keys while in the office to avoid misplacing them.

carabiner clip keychain

Improves efficiency

If working in an environment where you constantly have to show your identification, it can be difficult retrieving it from your wallet, especially with both your hands carrying something. But with your ID hanging on your neck through the ID wallet necklace, you don’t have to stress yourself.

That is particularly true where entrances are reinforced with electronic security doors and you have to swipe your pass card to gain entry. If the card is also your ID, it serves you right to have it hanging loosely with an ID wallet necklace than an ID badge reel or a badge holder.

While at it, you’ll need your uniform to be in it’s most presentable state. You can spice up your looks with a nylon black belt to secure your attire and increase customers’ confidence in you.

Easier identification by customers

This point is particularly true for those who work at service-based stations, such as department stores, supermarkets, airports, hospitals, and banks. When a customer needs assistance or wants to make an inquiry, they’re more likely to approach someone with an ID on them than one with just the uniform.

If your incentives are based on how many customers you’ve assisted, then an ID wallet necklace can help drive more customers towards you. They’re the most noticeable way of presenting your credentials and promoting your brand without doing much work.

lanyard necklace ID

While, working there’s need to keep your personal items safe. That’s why it’s ideal to carry a front pocket wallet alongside the ID wallet necklace.

Cause no damage to your clothes

It’s much easier to wear and remove an ID wallet necklace than it is to do the same for an ID strap clip or badge reel. These two often have some form of clips that attach to your clothing. With constant removal and return of the clip, it eventually wears out your clothing, especially if you wear workplace attire.

The ID wallet necklace will swing freely on your neck without attaching to your clothing, hence won't cause any damages in the long run. Also, if you’re a fan of tactic themes, you can buy a tactical wallet to keep your personal stuff, such as credit cards, national IDs, and bills.

Showcase your brand

If you run a business where brand image is key and want to show it to your clients, ID wallet necklaces can help achieve that. It’s easier to create customized ID necklaces with your brand colors so customers will identify your brand image immediately they see it on your staff.

They also help display your firm as organized and professional. And that goes a long way in boosting brand image and trust. More people tend to associate and trust an organization that displays professionalism at first contact.

Choosing the Best ID Wallet Necklace

When it comes to choosing an ID wallet necklace, you won’t just focus on the looks, just like you won’t with a front pocket wallet. If choosing a wallet, you’d look at additional features like RFID protection and card capacity. In the case of an ID wallet necklace, you want to make sure it’s comfortable to your neckline.

Some necklaces tend to be irritating if worn for long. Ensure the ID wallet necklace is made from smooth non-irritating material. Also, check the length to ensure it’s not too long to swing irritatingly when walking. Otherwise, they’re the best to conveniently carry your work ID.

Make sure to pair it with an ultra-slim and cool metal wallet to complement your professional appeal while at work or out for a snack or lunch.

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