What Are The Coolest Gadgets A Man Can Own In 2023

What Are The Coolest Gadgets A Man Can Own In 2023

When the subject of cool gadgets to own pops up, most of us often think of tech things that can do crazy stuff. Some that rings in people’s minds range from a 12MP camera drone with facial recognition, smart tactical wallets, to wireless chargers by leading tech giants like Apple. 

If you’re a tech guru, keeping up with technology changes is your cup of tea. But if you’re like most of us with busy lifestyles to an extent of not knowing what’s going on in the tech world, it’s excusable enough. You don’t need to be out of tune completely though. Knowing a few cool gadgets is amazing as it makes your work easier when choosing gifts for your sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, or even your bae!

5 Amazing Cool Gadgets To Own This Year

If you like to keep up with CES, you probably know of so many amazing things to look forward to in 2023.  For those of us excited about everything outfits and accessories like slim minimalist wallets, you certainly know where to get your daily fashion feed.

Whether you’re a cool gadget enthusiast or love simple accessories that complement a great outfit, there’s something to turn your adrenaline on.

Nothing Ear

Everyone’s familiar with earbuds, but you haven’t seen one so cool like the Nothing Ear. This wireless earbud dominates the tech world due to a lot of buzz around it supported by guys like Tony Fadell, the iPod inventor.

The earbud has a retro-futuristic design for its wallet-friendly price and packs a lot of amazing features such as variable noise cancellation, custom gesture controls, splash water resistance, and great sound. If you want to be the trendiest guy at the office or while chilling around in an outstanding hoodie, these earbuds can do the magic. Find an elegant RFID steel wallet to spice up your fashion taste with the earbuds.

Volterman Smart Wallet

Every man fancies cool gadgets, and if you’d like to experience what it’s like to have a smart wallet, you got to test the Volterman Smart Wallet. It’s made to look great and offers more convenience with the GPS tracking and Wi-Fi hotspot feature. If you’ve owned a men’s notebook wallet before, you certainly understand the benefits, hence an upgrade to this smart wallet is a wise move.

If your wallet is stolen, all you need to do is activate the lost mode on your phone and it’ll take a photo when someone tries to open it. With a power bank ranging between 2000 and 5000mAh, you can rest assured that the wallet will always have a charge to let you find it with ease through the internet if misplaced.

When out of reach, the alarm will ring on both the wallet and on your phone. And you can manage everything via the companion app installed on your phone. If looking for a smart minimalist leather wallet, the Volterman’s got you covered.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Everybody loves convenience, and when it comes to computers, you’d want to go for a machine with the performance of a laptop but a tablet’s versatility. The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a 2-in-1 laptop with an amazing adjustable kickstand.

Powered by the high-performing 11th Gen Intel processors and 16-hour battery life, you can always get in touch with the world around you without distractions of speed or low battery. It’s super lightweight, weighing only 1.96 lbs. it’s your ultimate computing solution and a gateway to looking extra cool while sipping your coffee at a restaurant with your RFID wallet made in USA on the table.

Trayvax Ration

Are you a weekend adventure devotee who fancies hot food while on the move? Taking a hot meal as you watch the sunset in the middle of nowhere is rejuvenating. Unfortunately, there aren’t so many ways to keep your food hot until you’re ready to take it. The Trayvax Ration allows you to enjoy hot food on demand.

ration outdoors cool gadget

This mobile stove burner with a 2oz stainless steel cup comes in handy when you need to warm up food or boil water during emergencies. With a simple 2-piece metallic body and adjustable carry handle, you can carry it in the trunk of your SUV to anywhere. It brings more convenience with the internal organizer made of top-grain leather. Its powder-coated protective finish makes it last longer against the harsh conditions outdoors. As you go for your outdoor adventure in cargo pants and tactical webbing belt, you know you’re sorted with a hot meal when you return to your camp.

The 3.5oz gas canister allows you to use it up to 22 times before another refill. Grab its non-slip base and load it in your off-road truck for your next adventure. If you love your accessories metallic, such as a cool metal wallet, you’ll without a doubt fall for this all-metal stove burner.  

DAB Concept-E

The world is quickly changing towards an emission-free ecosystem. With that, we’ve seen many cities making changes to their emission policies, including reducing the use of gas-powered vehicles. As electric vehicles kick in while cities continue to be congested, an electric bike could be a lifesaver to rush to work and do your city errands. The DAB Concept-E from DAB Motors is an excellent electric alternative to a normal 125cc bike.

If you’re a biker, you can enjoy top speeds of up to 65mph with this electric bike. On a full charge, it can cover a total of 70 miles. It’s at the concept stage for the moment, but it’s something worth looking forward to and making part of your cool gadgets collection in future. 

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