5 Reasons Why All Professions Need a Lanyard and How to Choose One

5 Reasons Why All Professions Need a Lanyard and How to Choose One

Just like a man cherishes their slim minimalist leather wallet and women love the convenience of a clutch, most professionals find lanyards a work necessity. Apart from making it easier to display their credentials, they also help paint a more professional look, whether in the office, at a meeting, or when grabbing a snack outside.

There’s more to a lanyard than just an ID badge carrier. Let’s explore a few things about lanyards and help you choose the most ideal.

What’s a Lanyard?

A lanyard is a cord or strap worn around the neck, arm, or wrist, primarily as a way to carry identification cards, badges, or keys. If you are thinking of getting one for your company, there are several questions that you should ask yourself before making your decision: What will you be putting on it? Is it something that will be used by all staff? And how important is it for your employees to have it?lanyard

But did you know that there are numerous uses for a lanyard outside of the workplace? If you carry items daily (cell phone, credit cards, keys) then you might want to consider buying a lanyard that's made from high-quality material.

Why Should You Use A Lanyard?

If you run a service-based workplace, you’ll realize you could benefit the most when your employees wear an ID badge holder and a lanyard. Carrying an RFID steel wallet with a display window is great, but it can be less convenient when you need to show your identification most of the time. That’s why a lanyard is much better. Here are a few more reasons a lanyard is ideal for your business image and employees.

A convenient way to display credentials

Lanyards are a great way to wear your ID card with convenience. The security of the workplace is crucial to you, your employees, and your customers. That’s why it’s crucial to have everyone with identification on them at all times. And there’s no better way of doing it than with an ID badge holder and wallet with a lanyard.

You can take it a mile further by having differently colored lanyards for visitors and staff. That way, it becomes easier to identify everyone in the building and prevent possible security breaches.

Easy access to your ID card

With a busy work schedule, it can be challenging for everyone to keep track of where they’ve put everything. If you tend to forget a lot, you can have your ID on you at all times by choosing a lanyard. They give access to your ID in a flash of a second.

It also frees your hands for other tasks so you won’t need to carry your front pocket wallet on your hands all the time to flash your ID when needed.

lanyard work ID

Comfortable and safe

Lanyards are also comfortable for the wearer. They are easily put on and taken off without damaging clothing and gives the wearer easy time. Back then, some people used to feel like wearing lanyards constantly was hazardous. Today, you can find some of the most improved and user-friendly lanyards, such as the Trayvax Link Lanyard.

This Every Day Carry lanyard is safe as it attaches to your clothing instead of wearing it on the neck. It comes with a quick-release swivel attached to a durable stainless steel carabiner. With a carabiner clip keychain, you can hang your work ID with the clip attached to your trouser belt loops. For this, you’ll also need a great looking belt, such as a  black cinch belt to compliment your looks.

Keep your work equipment and tools safe

While using an ID badge holder with a lanyard to display your identification, you can use a lanyard with a stretchy bungee nylon strap to hold tools. It can perfectly hold tools like torches if you work at construction sites, security, etc.  The Trayvax Link Stretch Lanyard is purposely made for such uses.

It consists of a durable and stretchy link that can stretch up to 25 inches, making it ideal for use at construction sites where you have to climb to higher heights and need some handy tools with you. The custom stainless steel carabiner at the end allows you to attach the lanyard to your clothing. The swivel attachment on the other end has a push detach button to release carried items.

Improve organizational image and professionalism

When your employees have their IDs on them at all times, it increases your customers’ confidence in your brand. Customers will feel at ease to make inquiries and get assistance from the right staff without a hassle.

Also, you can have the ID badge holder and lanyards with your company’s theme colors so clients can identify and relate with you easily. You can top up the looks with heavy duty web belts branded in your company’s theme colour.

Choosing a Lanyard

When it comes to choosing a lanyard, you want to look at its reliability and convenience more than its looks. Just like you’d want a great-looking minimalist leather wallet, the same way, you’d go for lanyards built with durability and convenience in mind.

Check to ensure it comes with a quick-release detach button to allow you to release any attached items when you need to. The strap should also be made from durable nylon, such as the bungee so it won’t break when under pull stress.

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