Do You Prefer A Slim Wallet Or A Fat Wallet?

Do You Prefer A Slim Wallet Or A Fat Wallet?

Let’s be honest; every man has at some point owned a fat wallet. As soon as the trendier slim minimalist wallets entered the men’s fashion world, most guys ditched their fat wallets. If you haven’t, it’s understandable because not everyone is always up for the idea of embracing change.

But consider this for a moment. Would you rather have a fat wallet that lets you carry everything from your vitamins, spare keys, more than ten cards, old receipts, IDs, to folded bills but spend eternity looking for something when you need it? Or a simple, stylish, minimalist leather wallet with only what you need?

A slim wallet brings in lots of conveniences, and is a real-time-saver, apart from looking elegant and stylish. If you still need more convincing to ditch your fat wallet, check out these six reasons why you should.

Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To A Slim Minimalist Wallet

Slim wallets have a lot of perks, which every man will agree, is the foundation of maximizing their efficiency. And there are so many reasons why you should upgrade, but here are the six most important.

Save more time

Everyone agrees that time equates to money. If you’re a businessman always on the move from one airport to another, the last thing you want to waste is time. With a fat wallet full of junk from time immemorial, it can be hard to find your ID card and other important documents at a TSA checkpoint. Also, a fat wallet will have you keep your passport in a separate case or bag which will eat up your time trying to fetch it.

But with a slim passport wallet, such as the Trayvax Explorer Passport Wallet, you’ll have everything you need at the airport within reach. This minimalist leather wallet can carry your passport, ID card, and has dual credit card slots fitting up to 12 cards.

passport wallet explorer

Plus, you can purchase an RFID blocking feature separately to secure your cards from identity thieves with RFID readers. The look is also majestic, having been made from Horween leather with heavy-duty nylon stitching. Pair it with a black cinch belt in your jeans and polo shirt, your look will be casual but classy.

Look elegant and stylish

Ever seen a guy dressed in a slim-fitting suit but with a wallet bulge at the back pocket? It ruins everything, right? But with a slim branded wallet for men, such scenarios will be a thing of the past. These wallets are built to match perfectly with your clothing without creating an unsightly appeal.

Take the Trayvax Ascent Wallet for instance. It’s so slim that onlookers will almost notice nothing when you put it in your back pocket. Better yet, if you’re not a fan of putting your wallet in back pockets, it can also serve as a great front pocket wallet. With an open end, you can quickly reach out to remove your cards. Also, the ID window lets you show your identity at checkpoints without getting it out.

The wallet is sizable enough to carry up to 7 cards and 5 folded bills without running its slim profile. Also, it’ll protect your cards from RFID sniffing and identity theft. That’s not all, its top-grain leather finish makes you look elegant when paying a bill at a restaurant or department store.

If you're trying to slim down your wallet, look for a lightweight, compact design that will make it easy to carry.

Unbeatable durability

Slim wallets are often made of durable materials like genuine leather so they can be thrown into a bag without worrying about them getting damaged. With the fat wallet models, you’ll have to pay for the extra storage space with their durability.

Getting a fat wallet from your pocket will have it subjected to friction with your garments, making the surfaces wear and tear much faster. With a slim metal men’s wallet, getting it out of the pocket is pretty simple and won\'t be ruined by the resistance.

Less is more secure

Some guys are so addicted to putting virtually everything in their wallets, from multiple cards, old receipts, many folded bills, checks, numerous gift cards, to SSN cards, etc. Honestly, if you have 15 credit and debit cards, you don’t have to carry all of them at a go in your wallet.  Should you lose your wallet, the magnitude of the loss will be massive especially if it lands on the hands of identity thieves.

Instead, go for a slim minimalist wallet that limits you on space so you won't carry too many things that can be a security risk. The Trayvax Element Wallet is an excellent choice if battling the obsession of stocking your wallet with lots of stuff. This wallet carries up to 10 cards and 5 folded bills. It’s also integrated with a money clip, card selection window, and RFID protection for your cards' safety.

element wallet

Final verdict

They say the type of wallet a man carries around says a lot about them. If you want to earn respect and be perceived as a well-organized individual, you need to upgrade your fat wallet to a slim one. They’re not only slim and convenient, but also add some security to your cards, especially if you go for a metal RFID wallet. These qualities go a long way especially when trying to convince your date or clients over coffee. 

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