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What is in Your Pocket?

A faint melody starts to play as a gentle reminder to start your day. You begin tapping the snooze button on your phone alarm for just a few more minutes of blissful sleep. The thought of coffee or tea convinces your feet to hit the floor and get the day going.

The morning routine continues with proper nourishment and hygiene considerations. You check your phone for the recent media updates, as you slowly start making your way out the door for a day full of activities.

As you pull on the pants one leg at a time and notch the Cinch Belt tight around your waist, your hands begin to reach for something. If you are like me you might flip your pouches inside out to clear out any lint or dirt from previous ventures. Grabbing my keys, Swiss army knife, wallet and phone from the desk I slide them each into their respectable pockets. Pledging the question, what is your in pockets?


What do you bring with you everyday?

This moment when we grab our everyday essentials defines us more than we know. They are the tools we use in our daily lives. Everyone customizes their everyday carry differentlythe trick is to personalize it based on your lifestyle. Hopefully by now you understand why carrying a wallet in your back pocket, thus sporadically sitting on it throughout the day, can cause major back pain.

Check out this article: Why a Wallet is Hurting Your Back: Converting to a Front Pocket Carry



Beyond carrying your wallet in the front pocket, have you considered where you place all your everyday carry items. Which pocket does your cell phone reside, what about your trayvax wallet, or do you switch it up every once in a while.

Personally, I carry my keys and wallet in my right pocket. My cell phone lives in my left pocket, and any knives, flashlights or multitools get connected to my waist by a carabiner. Are you looking for inspiration for your everyday carry? The EDC community is growing, thisEveryday Carry Reddit threadupdates daily with pocket inspiration. 

Reducing Clutter & Embracing Minimalism 

Arguably the first step in simplifying your pocket is getting rid of the stuff you do not use everyday. That REI receipt from three years ago, the gift card with 10 cents on it and the loyalty cards have to go. Many grocery stores offer apps for coupons & loyalty points that can save you lot of money and get useless cards out of your wallet.

Choose a wallet with minimalist design that speaks to you. Consider what a wallet can offer beyond storing cards and cash. More than half of our wallets offer a bottle opener, some have a prybar and all are back by our 65 year heirloom warranty. 

The idea of minimalism is to make life easier, more efficient and inevitably saving you time and money. Start by buying products that will not fail when put to the test against time. We are building products to be used everyday in rugged settings. Products that make you proud to carry them in your pocket.


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator


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