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How Durable are Trayvax Wallets?

Determining how durable a product is when it is brand new in the packaging is rather difficult. What the item is made out of is the first step in determining its strength. When compromising  materials or cutting corners in the creation process a product begins to lose its dexterity. 

The same goes for slim wallets. Top grain leather and superior metals are the first components to creating our slim profile designs. Only selecting the best material to create products is the Trayvax standard. We have established ourselves by confidently standing by our 65 year warranty. Check out how we deemed 65 years is the life of a product.

A major point from this previous blog post is the product testing process. Some customers occasionally ask us - How do we simulate decades worth of wear and tear in a few short days?

There are endless ways we test our products, from submerging in mud to throwing it off a cliff. The most common way we test our minimalist wallets is by putting it in our tumbler.

What is a tumbler?

“Like a washer machine full of rocks”

Five wallets into our tumbler

We randomly selected five of our durable wallets to be placed in the tumbler. We regularly stuff each wallet with business cards, card and cash to simulate a real life experience. The tumbler gives us the opportunity to accelerate years and years of wear and tear in just a couple of hours. This helps us mimic the harsh environments that our customer base of outdoor enthusiasts, city walking mavens and everyone in between go through on the daily basis.

  1. Armoured Summit (slimmest wallet)
  2. Ascent (most popular wallet)
  3. Contour (highest end wallet)
  4. OG 2.0 (tactical wallet)
  5. Axis (classic bifold)

Hours & Hours just Tumblin’

When we do this test we are hoping to see subtle impacts to the stainless steel but that the melonite coating is still holding up. We also look that the full grain leather is able to take knicks and abrasions repetitively but still hold its durability. The leather also should begin to form a patina the defines the product, ultimately giving the product its meaning. The leather we use is three or four times thicker than normal wallets. This allows the leather to stretch when wet and shrink back to form upon drying.

Our metal wallets, like the Armored Summit and OG 2.0, showed wear around its corners and contact points. These were less likely to fill with rocks & surprisingly all the cards we placed in stay secured throughout the whole test. The OG 2.0 paracord even stay latched! 

Check out the testing process for yourself. Watch full length video on our youtube channel.

Have some cool ideas we can tested out how durable our wallets are? Leave them in the comments below.



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