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Trayvax 65-Year Heirloom Warranty

We strive for the moment when our customers hand down their trayvax products to future generations, as opposed to being disposed in landfills. To help ensure that we can make that promise come true, all Trayvax products come backed with our 65-year heirloom warranty.

For warranty claims or questions please contact us at support@trayvax.com. 



What’s the difference between a 65-year & lifetime warranty?

Ultimately the concept is the same. We are building products that will outlast most lifetimes. In order to properly test durability, years of daily wear and tear on each individual product, we strive to create products that last a minimum 65 years, which should equate to a lifetime to most of our customers. 

At Trayvax, we still stand behind our products for a lifetime and we’ll never turn our back on our loyal customers. We simply defined 65-years as the lifetime of a product. So how did we decide on 65-years?

The life of a product comes down to testing. When we begin conceptualizing a product, that product must fall within certain parameters, including NOT sourcing materials outside of the United States and ensuring that our products can withstand a lifetime of abuse. We would ask, “How many years of abuse can Trayvax products withstand?”

What Determines a Lifetime of a Product? 

When we start putting concepts into production, we need to set some type of standard. Before we begin manufacturing any product for our customers we test the concept by mimicking years of abuse. However, do we need to mimic 100 years of use? 50 years? We needed a set standard for testing. We chose 65 years. Why 65 years?

The average life expectancy in the United States is about 80 years old and our typical customer is 15-65. That being said, a 65-year warranty should equate to a lifetime for just about all of our customers. 

We stand behind all our products and services since 2012, the year Trayvax was founded. Thus the oldest Trayvax wallet is eight years in the making. We are striving for all our products to last a minimum of sixty five years, it is a big goal but an expert archer only can hit a target they are aiming at.

Repair or Replacement parts:

Did you know that we have a replacement parts collection page on our site?Offering replacement straps and screws for the Trayvax Contour, new webbing for your Cinch Belt or the quick-release of your Link EDC Lanyard. We have a variety of replacement parts or several products.

For circumstances that the warranty does not cover, we also do repairs! Some issues not covered by warranty may be sent in for repair. Upon proof of purchase, we will repair your product at cost of materials used and shipping. Please send us a photo of your wallet at support@trayvax.com for more information regarding repairs.

Do not see the part you are looking for on our site, or you have a unique warranty question? We are available five days a week at support@trayvax.com


We test all of our products for 65 years of durability and stand behind the quality of our gear. We’ll never turn our back on our customers. Our gear is made to be passed down and we're here to ensure that happens. 

For full warranty information: Trayvax 65-year Heirloom Warranty


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator


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