How to Determine What Size Belt to Order?


How to Determine What Size Belt to Order?

Trayvax is much more than a wallet company. We started out by making wallets in 2012 in Mark’s studio apartment. Today we have a wide variety of minimalist products; knives, keychains, women's specific products & belts! 

Whenever I begin explaining who Trayvax is to someone, I find myself pulling out my Contour & flashing my Cinch belt to them. Explaining how we make products that last a minimum 65 years.

These products are on my person everyday, wherever I go. After months of use my Cinch belt fits perfectly to my waist. Similar to our leather wallets, the belt forms a patina overtime. Unlike belts with predetermined loops the Cinch has the ultimate customization. Allowing for micro adjustments on the fly. 

A good recommendation is to allow for a two inch buffer past the measurement of your waist. Allowing an additional 2” past your current waist measurement provides the extra tongue of the belt to lay flat after being fed through the loop. For example, if your waist measures 38 inches you should buy a 40” belt.

How to Measure a Belt?

Do you have an old, worn leather belt? 
Using a worn belt, you can measure from the end of the belt(not including the buckle) to the currently used belt loop. American belts are measured in inches, measure from the two points and you have your current waist. Simply add 2-4 inches to that number and you have your belt size.

How to Size a Belt Based on Pant Size?

Not all pants are created equal. We made this convenient guide How to size a Cinch Belt. Where we explained how to measure your waist & the initial struggles we had with sizing the Cinch belt. Generally speaking, adding 2” to your current pant size will be your belt size. For example:

-32” pants is a 34” belt

-33” pants is 35” belt

And so on..

Some preferring a longer belt, especially for low rise jeans, consider adding 4” to your waist measurement.

If your pant size lands on an odd number, add 2”, then round up to the nearest belt size. Same goes for measuring your waist. If you are unsure about belt sizing, consider sizing up to allow extra room opposed to the belt being too small. We do not recommend anything under two inches additional to waist measurement.


Everything You Should Know About the Cinch Belt

Prior to launching a product it is important that it hits certain requirements that have become the Trayvax standard. The product needs to be tested and proven to last a minimum of 65 years.The product needs to make life easier. Finally, there needs to be a system in place to produce the product. This allows us to guarantee that there is a need for the product, the longevity of the product and we will have a way to keep up with demand.

Read all about the Cinch Belt in this Featured Product Post:


We have truly put the Cinch belt to the test. Check out the video below of Mark attempting to use a forklift to lift his truck with the same webbing we use to create out belts. We are passionate about knowing the answers to these questions. We need to test all our products above and beyond what their intended uses are. 

Cinch Belt Sizing Chart:


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