Guide to Customize Your Everyday Carry


Guide to Customize Your Everyday Carry

Before we head out the door everyday, our mind runs through a checklist. 

Did I feed the dog, and where are my keys? 

Our hands scramble for the daily tools we use to make the grind straightforward and we get the day going.

As we travel from one task to the next, between work, school and passion projects, we reach out to grab our keychain, wallets, knives, or check the time on our wrist. These items are referred to as your everyday carry -- simply because you carry them everyday.

What is EDC gear?

“Everyday carry” refers to the accumulation of belongings you keep with you on a daily basis. EDC gear is meant to be efficient, durable and timeless inevitably making daily inconveniences easier. 

Before working at Trayvax I was guilty of carrying around a hefty wallet and an excess of things I did not need. As I embraced the minimalist lifestyle, using my new trayvax contour, I found places for cash and cards that I would just shoved in my front pocket in the past. Which led me to fine-tuning my everyday carry. 

Everyone has an everyday carry, whether they are spending time researching the best minimalist products available or have been carrying around that bulky wallet for years. 

What things do you always carry with you?


Becoming a Minimalist: Guide to a Customized EDC 

  1. Put everything you carry on a daily basis in front of you
  2. Meticulously go through each key ring, wallet stash pocket and multi tool
  3. Place each item in-order based on functionality and usefulness
  4. Create space by tossing anything that is not a “must have”. A customized every day carry is based on lifestyle, functionality & personality 
  5. Choose EDC gear that is unique to you -- minimalist, stylish and efficient 

Be proud of the gear you carry daily.

Everyone at Trayvax nerds out when it comes to our everyday carry. The company “water cooler talk” circles around the topic of favorite ways we use our trayvax gear. I have realized everyone has different uses, likes and dislikes on all the products we carry. 

We take pride in building the strongest everyday carry products on the market. We are creating them to last a minimum of 65 years and back all products with a heirloom warrantyWe love hearing from our customers. If there is product tips, particular combinations or other tidbits of information you found useful -- please share in the comments below.


-EDC gear refers to the everyday carry, what accompanies your pocket or bag one a daily basis
-Purposefully ask what are “must haves” to your EDC
-Declutter your material possessions and improve your daily carry
-Share your personal suggestions or experiences with us in the comments

Check out this video of Three Regular Guys Try Trayvax Wallets for the First Time for inspiration on your custom EDC gear.


Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator

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Rob Bailie

Rob Bailie

It’s between contour and dango spec ops M1with multi tool and 4 pockets. They have 15% off. Will you match. Wallets are same $149

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