Get To Know Your Customers Day


Get To Know Your Customers Day

Trayvax has been making durable products since day 1, but our commitment to high quality and customer trust has become a forefront in any new innovative initiative. Our core values of humility, courage, honesty, innovation, and integrity guide us to build a company that is known for offering the most durable gear on the market. We cannot do this without knowing our customer, the products they enjoy and the lifestyles they live.

This past week we caught up with our customers to learn more about them. Everyone is unique and enjoys our products for differences reasons. We are curious to know why?

Is it the 65-year heirloom warranty, being a United States based manufacturer or the ability to hand down our products from each generation to the next? We wanted to know. Check out the video below to hear what our customers had to say directly. Thank you for the participants who contributed to this video.



Let Your Vote Be Heard

Now is your turn to vote. We created this brief click through survey that takes less than a minute to complete. Not a customer yet? We still want to hear from you! After gaining a few hundred survey responses it is a tight race between Contour, OG 2.0 & Element Wallet as the most popular - make sure you get your voice heard below! 



The third Thursday of each quarter is #GetToKnowYourCustomersDaythis is our opportunity to listen, understand and act based upon our customers wants. We want to know three basics insightful questions so we can better understand what inspires you. Trayvax started because we wanted to minimize plastic bag use with an innovative wallet design. We pivoted based upon wants, desires and insightful comments from our loyal customers in the beginning.

Since then we have created dozens of products and released hours of YouTube videos to provide insight into who we are and how we have grown as a company. BUT! None of this is possible without you, our amazing customer base.

Understanding what products you enjoy the most and what you do for fun will allow us to continue to grow with you.

Thank you for brand loyalty and demanding excellence, we would not be able to do it without your continued support.



Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator

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