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Own the Very Best Collection

The Own the Very Best Collection was created on the principle of using the strongest materials possible to build a product that can last forever.

Using top grain leather, durable metals and a fine-tuned design process we have successfully launched multiple products in this distinguished line. Refusing to sacrifice quality for efficiency, we go above and beyond to make sure these products are durable, smooth to touch and polished for decades to come. Our newest product was built with sustainability in mind.

We are excited to announce our newest addition to the collection, our new Trayvax Carabiners. The carabiner is built out of the same frame we use to create our Contour wallets. American manufacturing depends upon innovative problem solving, especially when it comes to sustainability. We are thrilled about this new product and that we found a use for material that was previously unused.


Looking closely one can notice the intricate details our CNC-machine created with each cut to manufacture the carabiner. With no moving parts, this product will not fail and obviously is backed by our 65-year warrantyThe hook fits perfectly to all our wallets attachment points, allowing for customization when it comes to your everyday carry.

Creating New Products

When there is a good idea for a new product, there is an immense amount of work prior to a product launch. Being based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, drawing up prototypes and creating it same day in our warehouse is a realistic feat. Usually heading straight into the outdoors, to the nearest trail, to begin product testing it. Questions occasionally fly like:

"Which materials should we use?" 

"Does it feel good in your hand?"

"Should it have a bottle opener?"


Expecting the Best

Every product in this line is at the top of its class. All the leather is top grain and oil tanned, we double stitch the leather to guarantee durability.  Our EDC gear will move with you, form a custom patina overtime and never go out of style.

The Contour wallet is a mix of leather and metal that forms a patina overtime, truly a product that will grow with you. The Roam Clutch is our spin on the modern on-the-go purse, room for all the necessities. The Trek Field knife is a skeletonized blade cut from a single piece of stainless steel, potentially the strongest EDC fixed blade on the market. Even the Space pen can write over grease and water, oh yeah in outer space.

Here is an example of the time and effort we put forth in creating the best gear possible for you:



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